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Yum! It's BOGOF at Thorntons!

Yum! It's BOGOF at Thorntons!

As much as I hate mentioning the C-word, especially in September, an offer has come around that's perfect for treating friends or family or some early C-word presents.

As the title suggests, Thorntons are offering buy one, get one free on Chocolate Selections. (For those of you that were still wondering what the C-word is, it's 'Christmas'.) You can stock up now on loads of boxes to send to friends and family for the winter holiday or maybe even tuck into them as soon as the cold weather hits!

The Chocolate Selection Box is just £10. It's crammed full with 32 delicious chocolates with flavours that everyone loves and knows. Enjoy honeycomb, marzipan, caramel, Turkish delight all wrapped in dark, white and milk chocolates.


Colleen x