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We've found a brand new Caboodle First freebie! This time you can get your mitts on a FREE copy of Girl A, a novel by Abigail Dean. Follow the story of Lex…

Fiction: Thriller

George Orwell's famous book, 1984, is known for being a Dystopian masterpiece. This novella was written in 1949, and follows the story of Winston Smith, who is…

Fiction: Dystopia

Bibles for Europe are sending out free study Bibles to anyone who'd like one. The free study Bible edition contains an outline of each section, more than…

The Open Library have FREE copies of IT by Stephen King available to read. If you haven't read this number one bestselling book, now is the perfect opportunity…

Fiction: Thriller

We've found another free copy of a classic book that you simply have to find the time to read! Emma by Jane Austen follows the story of Emma Woodhouse and her…

Classic Fiction: Romance

Animal Aid are sending out FREE welcome packs when you sign up for their Vegan pledge. They campaign for animal rights, and their welcome pack comes with a…

Non-fiction: Cookbook