Free Books in Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear

Ann Cleeves is the author of critically acclaimed 'Shetland' novels (they were made into a drama too!), and she's leaving free books outside her house for anyone to enjoy.

The main motivation for her book giveaway, is to help OAPs who might be self-isolating, during these difficult times.

It can become tiresome and lonely being stuck at home, so books are a great way to keep your mind occupied!

Ann is even in a Whatsapp group chat with the people in her area. She lives in Whitley Bay in Tyne & Wear, so if you're local to this area perhaps it's worth asking around about a free book box.

This generous author is even being sent books to include in her giveaway box, so if you're looking for somewhere to donate books this is the place to do it!

Just looking for something to flick through? We’re always spotting free magazines up for grabs!