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I Love Free Perfume Samples!

I Love Free Perfume Samples!

Buying a new perfume is one of those rare treats that don't come around too often so for me free perfume samples are the next best thing!

Free perfume samples come in all shapes and sizes.

From impressive 15ml roller-balls and miniature bottles to one-use postcard samples. Seasoned freebie hunters will know that the postcard ones are more freely available. They may not be as impressive as the golden vials but I've come to really love them!

Since starting work at MF I have religiously applied for all the free perfume samples on the MagicFreebiesUK site, which then progressed to obsessively cutting them out of magazines and asking at fragrance counters.

I've been collecting them for a good while now and have amassed an impressive collection that I store in an old jewellery box (organised alphabetically and by type of fragrance) and lovingly refer to as my 'Fragrance Library'.

The fantastic thing about having so many is that I can now wear a different EDP or EDT every day depending on my mood, plans and weather (fresh for sun, deep and woody for rain). Luckily, I'm not one of those people who stay loyal to one perfume their whole life and prefer to mix it up.

I generally use one free sample a day but I've got plenty of doubles which are handy to keep in my work tote for post-work plans. I've also put them in my clutch bag on nights out for those emergency fixes - useful for when your friends accidentally spill beer on you.

I'll also be taking two for each day I'm on holiday. I don't ever like taking bottles of perfume abroad incase they go off due to high plane altitude and 30 degree heat or - worse - they smash in the suitcase!

So, before you dismiss postcard samples on your freebie travels, why not consider the advantages of collecting these fab little samples and start your own fragrance library?

There are a loads of free perfume samples available to get you started including three Free Comme de Garcons Fragrances, Free Gucci Guilty EDP and Free Escada Cherry in the Air EDT.

For more free perfume samples check out the Health & Beauty section of the site.

Anushka x