Free Copy of 'LOL: Funny Jokes & Riddles for Kids'

If you're rapidly running out of ways to entertain the little ones during this lockdown, why not Nab yourself a free Kindle or Audiobook for some fresh content?

Johnny B. Laughing has created some Laugh Out Loud books to keep your children entertained and delighted for hours - which should make your life a little easier.

This one is chock-full of silly kids' jokes and fun riddles to keep them engaged. Why not click through to Amazon to have a read of some of the jokes you'll find inside?

There are over 100 jokes, puzzles, mazes and riddles!

This can be a scary and confusing time for children, and homeschooling can be a big change so why not offer them some light relief with this free joke book?

Fiction: Kids (Age 6-10 years)