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Women pay more for SAME item of clothing as men


Leading high street brands are charging women as much as 40% more for the same items of clothes as men.

A plain white t-shirt can cost up to £6 a more for a woman in shops like Gap, River Island and H&M.

Despite steps being made in the right direction for gender equality, it would seem that many major clothes retailers aren’t following suit!

Infographic showing the price difference between white t-shirts for men and women

Shocking isn't it?!

The worst offending shop is Gap, with a huge difference of £6 (over 40% more) between the two white t-shirts:

  • £14.95 for women
  • £8.95 for men

A huge ten of the sixteen brands assessed charge more for a woman's plain white t-shirt than men's. Two brands charge the same, and four charge more for men - although these all have a lower percentage price difference.