How To Get All the Student Free Stuff Right Now 


Editor's note: this blog post was originally written in November 2017 and has been updated for clarity and with the latest information. Enjoy!

If there's one thing students love, it's a good old fashioned bargain. I don't blame you, there's nothing better than scoring a discount and getting a great deal is there? Unless you're getting it 100% free! That's right, I've found all the best student free stuff and I'm sharing it with you now. So tell all your student pals and score these freebies today.

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What free stuff can I get as a student? 

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From free entertainment, to food and drink, and even toiletries, it’s freebies galore out there for students. All you need to do is know where to find them. Make sure you keep your student card handy, as most places require you to show it to redeem freebies. 

Where can I find free stuff for students?

The best place to find all the latest freebies is Magic Freebies UK’s website. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter as well to get freebies straight to your inbox every day.

Other places to find free student stuff are freshers fairs, where you can pick up all sorts of goodies, including essential toiletries and useful items like bottle openers (super handy!) and student planners. I used to get so giddy at freshers, all those freebies!

Keep an eye out on your local student websites and Facebook pages for giveaways and competitions exclusively for students. How exciting!

How to get free food & drink as a student

There is a never ending list of free food and drink you can score as a student. Here are two of my favourites: 

Free McDonald’s Cheeseburger for students

When you purchase an Extra Value Meal or Deli Meal, simply show your student card or UniDays ID and ask for a free Cheeseburger, Hamburger or McFlurry. It's that simple! Great for all those hangovers...

Free KFC Sides

Who doesn’t love KFC treats, especially when they’re free? Right now on the KFC Colonel’s Club loyalty app, you can score yourself lots of goodies, like a free side – delicious! If you’re a big fan of KFC, make sure you download the app and scan it every time you’re in there to get yourself loads more free chicken delights.

free student food

What other free student food can you get?

If these freebies don't tickle your fancy, there are lots more goodies up for grabs, including these freebies that have been popular in the past:

  • Free Chicago Town Pizza
  • Free Nestle Strawberry Shake
  • Free Gourmet Burger Kitchen Burger
  • Free Bottle of Lucozade
  • Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut

What other ways can I get free food as a student?

I'm glad you asked! I've written a complete guide on how to get free food & drink for you to peruse at your leisure, but here is a breakdown of how to get freebies:

  • Cashback apps - CheckoutSmart & Shopmium are the best ones for me!
  • Coupons & vouchers - found on websites and in magazines
  • Try me for free campaigns - pick up promotional packs and upload your receipt to the website
  • Loyalty apps - download Greggs, KFC and other loyalty apps to claim freebies now 
  • Phone apps like O2 Priority and Three Wuntu - just download the free app and show your unique code in store to claim each freebie
  • Website & social media giveaways - check out your favourite brand websites for giveaways 

Yum yum!

Where to find free alcohol for students

Cashback apps

Just like food, you can also pick up bottles of beer, cider and wine on cashback apps like CheckoutSmart and Shopmium. To claim yours:

  1. Download the app 
  2. Head to your nearest store and pick up your bottle of alcohol
  3. Scan the receipt and claim 100% cashback 

So easy! Previous offers include:

  • Free Blind Pig Cider
  • Free Bottle of Gallo Wine
  • Free Cans of Bulmers Cider 
  • Free 4-pack of Fosters Beer

and loads more. 

free alcohol for students

Testing Panels

Market research is bigger than ever and marketers are dying for your opinion! As students, you hold the power to influence future products, including alcohol like gin, wine, rum, the list goes on. 

The best panels to join include:

Simply sign up and fill in your profile and start applying for trials and they'll send yours 100% free in the post. Let me know how you get on with these!

Email newsletters

Sign up to your favourite alcohol brands and local pubs today and receive all the exclusive freebies and discounts straight into your inbox. Some of these include:

Psst... make sure you sign up to other popular student haunt newsletters like Wetherspoons, Yates and more. They run offers all years round so keep an eye on your email. Cheers!  

Free student study resources

Free Harvard Referencing Generator

Not the most glamorous of freebies, but this Harvard Referencing Generator can certainly helps save you hours in the library. Get this free Harvard Referencing Generator and you can cite your essays in minutes. This means less time in the library and more time in the pub!

Get your free reference generator now →

Free eBooks for students 

When did books become so expensive? If you’re struggling with the costs and all the books in the library are taken, try online. There are thousands of free eBooks and you might just find the one you need in just a few clicks, so much easier than the library’s impossible system.

Here are a few of my favourite places to find free student books:

Free Pocket First Aid Guide  

This is a super useful freebie to carry in your pocket. Request your free First Aid Pocket Guide from St Johns Ambulance and you’ll learn some essential first aid advice that could really come in handy for any student.

Free student kitchen & household items

free student household stuff

Moving out of the family home can be a daunting experience, but hopefully, these fab freebies for the home will make it a bit easier.

Free Budget Cookbook

If you're more of a novice than an expert in the kitchen, the task of cooking your own meals might seem a little daunting - and expensive! Luckily, we've found this free budget cookbook packed full with delicious recipes that won't break the bank.

Free Marigold Washing Up Cloths

Sadly, the majority of student houses don't have the luxury of a dishwasher so you'll likely spend a fair amount of time washing up by hand. This free washing up cloth/scourer will certainly come in handy!

Free Nikwax Cleaning Wash

If your clothes are in need of a bit of SOS, don’t rush out and blow all your student loan on new clothes. Apply for this free cleaning wash from Nikwax and it will have your clothes looking as good as new. 

Free Home Security Tips Book 

It can be so easy to forget to lock your front door before you go out or leave your key and valuables in sight of burglars, but this helpful book from Cammy will help you cover all basis and stay safe in your student accommodation. Get your free security tips book now. 

Free healthcare & sex advice for students

Being a student can be a very stressful time in your life. You're transitioning into an adult and with that comes responsibilities you'd never even thought of before, like looking after your body.  Here are some of the places you can get free health services and advice. 

Free Optical Express Eye Test

Get a free eye test at Optical Express and receive £30 off any glasses over £100 - what a bargain! If you're struggling with your eyesight or feel like you need new glasses, then book your free eye test now. 

Free Boots Hearing Test

You might be up to date with your vision, but did you ever think to get your hearing tested? Lucky for you, the lovely folks over at Boots will help you with that. Simply book your free hearing test and they'll check if your hearing is the best it can be. 

Free mydentist dental assessments

Do you have questions about your teeth or gums? You probably rarely get the chance to ask a professional, right? Well, mydentist host a range of free dental assessment events all over the UK! This is your chance for a free, no obligation conversation and get the best advice in a relaxed and informal environment. 

Free condoms for students

Sexual health is such an important topic and one that students tend to shy away from. There are a number of places to get free condoms and sexual advice but finding the best place can be difficult, so we've posted the best free condoms and sexual health advice for you to discreetly order your free condoms and lube. 

What bank offers the best student loan freebies? 

best student bank accounts

Banks are constantly competing for customers and as a student, you are one of their prime targets. So it's important to remember that they'll try and tempt you with lots of lovely freebies and offers, but always read the T&Cs.

So... what freebies are on offer?

Here are the best student loan bank freebies on offer:

Things to consider when choosing a bank for your student loan

Like I said, it's not all about freebies. If one bank is offering a free £20 Stationery voucher or the other is offering a higher 0% interest overdraft limit, which one would you rather have? I know which one I'd choose! (Hint, it's not the voucher) so make sure you weigh up all your options before rushing into an agreement with a bank based on what you can score for free. It's not just freebies you need to be careful of either.

Sometimes, fancy offers like 0% interest overdraft rates are short-term to entice you into signing up with the bank so make sure you triple check everything.

Also, when you graduate, always settle up any overdraft before switching your bank account to a graduate or regular current account, as the interest rates and restrictions will most likely change, along with other aspects of your account. 

What are you waiting for then? Get out there now and enjoy your student freebies! 

Collette xx