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How to make spooky savings this Halloween


Save money on HalloweenEveryone loves Halloween! The air starts to get cold, pumpkins appear on supermarket shelves, and before you know it, your home looks like a mad scientist's lab!  

It brings out the inner child in most of us, and it's super easy to get carried away with all the decorations, outfits and treats too.

However, Christmas is just around the corner, so the last thing we need is another holiday to celebrate, even if it is a super fun one like Halloween. 

Want to enjoy a Halloween to remember that won't spook your bank account? You're in luck! I've found some great ways you can save money and even WIN a Halloween Bundle worth £70 from Prezzybox

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Save money on Halloween costumes

Save money on halloween costumes

Halloween costumes for kids 

DIY it 

When I was younger, I remember my mum wrapping my sister and me in bin bag capes to make the perfect witch outfit. All she had to buy was a witch hat and a broom from the pound shop for us both.

You know what? We seriously looked the part! Spending time making Halloween outfits with your kids is so much fun and you can wing it as much as you like using household items.

Plus, guess what? You save so much money! Recycle year after year for ultimate savings.  

Try the supermarkets

The supermarkets have the best offers when it comes to Halloween. Yet, for some reason, they are still overlooked by many parents this time of year.

Stores like Asda and Tesco have the most adorable outfits for your little monsters, from pumpkin onesies to glow in the dark skeletons, including cute little accessories like wands and cauldrons, too.

You can grab a brilliant deal for your kids, so next time you're doing your weekly shop, pop down the Halloween aisle and check it out. 

Scout pound shops & bargain stores

Poundland, B&M and Home Bargains are just a few stores that have amazing deals on Halloween decorations, costumes, props and so much more! It's super easy to get carried away, though, so I suggest writing a list and sticking to a budget beforehand to make sure you're still saving money in the long run. 

Sell it on

If you're going to give in and buy your little horrors an expensive Elsa Frozen Princess or Star Wars costume, try to keep them in decent condition and who knows? You could even sell it on eBay when you're done celebrating Halloween and make your money back. This goes for adult costumes, too. 

Swap with friends

To avoid the pressure of coming up with a unique outfit for your child every year, have you ever considered swapping outfits with friends or family members? That way, they won't get caught in the same outfit twice and you can save lots of money on a costume by swapping with your loved ones. 

Halloween costumes for adults

Hunt in charity shops

It sounds like the last place you'd look for a Halloween outfit, but lots of charity shops like Oxfam and Cancer Research UK accept donations and display costumes around October.

You can grab a real bargain here, and if you're looking for something particular, you could even leave your name and number with a friendly member of staff and ask them to give you a call if anything comes in.

Don't forget to return the good deed and donate it again after Halloween is over. 

Check out car boot sales 

I would have never considered a car boot as a place to seek out my perfect Halloween outfit, either. However, last weekend at my local car boot sale I found an entire stand dedicated to Halloween. Costumes, decorations, big bags of sweets and more! Lots of costumes were a fraction of the price and some were even still in their original packaging. Score! 

Search on Amazon

Amazon currently has up to 50% off on their Halloween range, what an absolute bargain. Choose from spooky makeup to funky wigs, or even your favourite comical Halloween character, and get next day delivery with Amazon Prime to ensure your outfit will arrive on time. 

Avoid gimmick costume stores

We've all seen them on the high street. The shops that pop up around late September, early October and charge an absolute fortune for a costume with all the bells and whistles. If you're trying to cut costs this year, avoid these places like the plague. Chances are you can get the same look for a lot cheaper if you shop around. 

Skip the masks

Have you seen some of the Halloween masks that are on the shelves these days? They're terrifying! Terrifyingly expensive, too. Leave the masks on the shelf and opt for a cheaper alternative like costume makeup (from a discount store, of course) or even 'steal' some of your girlfriend's, sister's or mum's makeup. Sshh I won't tell anyone! 

Save money on Halloween decorations 

Save money on halloween decorations

Get crafty & make your own Halloween decorations 

If you're handy with a glue gun and a pair of scissors, get crafty and try making your own Halloween decorations to save money. Check out these Free Halloween Printables from Wayfair for some inspiration to get crafting. It's your time to shine! Hobbycraft a great clearance sale all year round, so keep an eye out for some Halloween goodies. 

Pinterest is also one of my favourite sites and you can find some amazing Homemade Halloween decoration ideas

Limit the pricey pumpkins 

I know, I know, it wouldn't be Halloween without a pumpkin. However, they can soon add up in cost. If you're going to carve yours and you make a mistake, that's also a huge waste. Why not grab a few mini pumpkins from Aldi? If you are going to go big, Lidl stock pumpkins for just 99p, what a bargain!  

If you're a fan of the old 'waste not, want not' adage, then check out these great 50 recipes for leftover pumpkins

Look out for freebies & special offers 

There are lots of freebies and special offers available online like this Free Halloween Toucan Box for kids - perfect for allowing your kids to design free Halloween decorations. This one takes some dedication, but if you dig deep enough on the internet, I can guarantee you'll find some absolute gems for Halloween that will save you money.

Save money on Halloween treats 

Save money on halloween treats

Cheap & cheerful sweets

Kids don't care what brands of sweets you give them. The whole Trick or Treat experience is exciting enough for them. Supermarkets and pound stores have offers on huge bags of sweets all year round so pick up a few bags and don't go overboard! Especially if you live in a quiet area, it's best to limit yourself to a couple of bags. 

If you are brand conscious, Haribo are currently on offer for just 50p at Morrisons, absolute bargain! 

Search for even more freebies

Again, this one takes a little bit of research but it's so worth it for all the secret freebies and goodies you can find online. You can pick up a Smiley Face Lolly from Thorntons for a limited time only, which will definitely be a popular freebie with the kids. For the adults, treat yourself to a Pumpkin Spiced Latte with Topcashback this week. You've earned it!

Save money on Halloween entertainment

 Save money on Halloween entertainment

Find nearby 'haunted' locations

Instead of hosting an expensive Halloween party, why not get your family and friends together and find your nearest haunted location? If you research your local area, you'd be surprised what you might find! 

Plan a creepy scavenger hunt in your back garden

This is a great one for the kids (and the adults, too.) Spread out some sweets and goodies in your back garden and keep the kids entertained for hours.

Tell creepy ghost stories

Light some candles, grab a cushion and let your imaginations completely spook you out! This one is for adults, too. Act stories out for each other and really get involved in this creepy free form of Halloween entertainment.

Host a scary movie night

Invite your family and friends round for a scary movie night. Everyone can bring along their favourite film whether it's Scooby Doo or Nightmare on Elm Street, and you can tuck into all the goodies you've gathered if you've been trick or treating. Enjoy! 

So there are my top tips to saving money on Halloween. I hope you've enjoyed these and don't forget to share your own. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner and I've also got the perfect tips for Saving Money at Christmas too, thanks for reading and find out how to enter our competition below.

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Collette xx