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Easy Healthy Eating Habits

Easy Healthy Eating Habits

Following a strict healthy eating plan can be difficult to say the least. If like me, you are continually falling off the salad waggon here are five healthy eating habits that are easy to stick to...

1. Hydrate before Hunger - Drink a glass of water before eating any food - big or small whether it's dinner or a few grapes - not only will this help you get in your eight a day but it may cure your dehydration - which is commonly mistaken for hunger.

2. Get a Boost of Omega 3 - Want to increase your Omega 3 intake but don't have the money or taste buds for salmon and sardines? Sprinkle a tablespoon of flax-seeds onto your meals - cereal, salads and rice work nicely. Find it in health-food stores like Holland & Barrett.

3. Do the Crunch Test - Only go for snacks that need a good old crunch. Apples, celery, snap peas and nuts are all healthy and keep your mouth busy for longer so your body has more time to register fullness.

4. Go Green - Swap your builder's tea and coffees for green tea. It's full of anti-oxidants and contains zero calories - even better it contains a small amount of caffeine so you can still get your fix. Need sugar in your tea? Try fruit green tea - my favourite variations are strawberry, cranberry and orange.

5. Eat Sweet without Sweets - We all have that moment around 4pm where we have an energy slump and start craveing sugar. Instead of hitting the chocolate always have naturally sweet foods to hand, like citrus fruits. Sweetcorn is also healthy and naturally sweet - making it a great afternoon snack.

6. Swap Crisps for Carrots and Dare to Dip - We all know we need to eat more vegetables to stay healthy. So, why not swap crisps for carrots and celery with a hummus dip? You get the same satisfying crunch and your taste buds will focus on the flavour of the dip rather than the veg.

Anushka x