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7 most popular mobile cashback myths debunked


Since I've started freebie hunting, I've been met with a lot of pessimism and scepticism. 'How can you possibly get all that stuff for free?' They ask, with a confused look accompanied with lots of negative questions like 'aren't those sites all scams?'

Well, I've decided to spread the word and make sure people know that there are genuine ways to save money and get freebies online in a series of myth debunking posts. Keep an eye out as I explore what people are so afraid of when applying for freebies, and how to overcome those fears and worries and get more people online freebie hunting.

The topic for this week is cashback mobile apps. If you have not experienced the exciting world of cashback and effectively getting paid to shop, you have not lived! If you time it right with multiple apps, you could save some serious cash on your regular supermarket shop. So why is no one talking about them? Well, here are a few myths that we all tell ourselves when it comes to the world of mobile cashback.

Myth 1 - There aren’t any UK mobile cashback apps out there

Money Saving and cashback apps have been around for a couple of years now and there are plenty begging for your attention. Even if you search online you will find a host of UK apps so before I hear you grown ‘they’re all American’, yes a few online are. But there are multiple cashback apps that operate in the UK and can save you hundreds every year. If you're unsure you can always change your Google settings to UK only.

Two of my favourites are Checkoutsmart and Shopmium. They are both very similar in the way they operate. You can get free items or up to £1 cashback on favourite food, drink and household items at your local supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose. You can download both apps in seconds and are greeted instantly with a range of deals, freebies at the top and further offers as you scroll down. With Shopmium you can even get a free bar of Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate bar just for signing up.

Other great cashback apps also include Quidco ClickSnap & TopCashback Snap&Save and all operate in the UK.


Myth 2 - It doesn’t support your mobile phone

Do you have an Apple or Android phone? Or even a phone that has apps? Or do you own a tablet? Then you can definitely get involved. People are still under the impression that their phones do not support certain apps, but in a digital age where everything is compatible and where these apps are relying on users, they will make sure their apps are available for everyone to use.

Myth 3 -  You won’t get my cash or will have to wait for months

Unlike traditional cashback websites when you get cashback rewards for big purchases which may take a long time to process, when you buy supermarket goods you can receive cashback in hours.

When you sign up you can choose whether to receive the money in your bank account or in your PayPal account. PayPal is quicker and once the money is in there you can always transfer it over to your bank account later. This is much more fast-paced and easier to claim back. If you are requesting cashback via your bank, it will take no longer than 10 days.

Myth 4 - They are all scams and untrustworthy

As these apps require sign up details and ask you to scan in your receipts, a lot of people are very apprehensive to sign up and are less forthcoming with details. If you’re unsure whether or not these apps are genuine, you can head to their website and check their T&Cs and even contact a member of their customer services teams to put your mind at ease. You can always try the apps and if you decide it's not for you, don't worry it's 100% free and there are no obligations to continue using if you do not feel like you are getting value from them.

Myth 5 - They don’t have anything that would interest you

Cashback apps are constantly updating their offers and it’s all based on consumer habits and data they receive from their current users. They tailor their offers based on the receipts you upload. This means that the more you engage with the app, the more likely you are to receive offers based on your favourite supermarket items.

Myth 6 - You can only claim one offer at once so it’s not worth the time

It's easy to think you're only entitled to one item at a time on these apps, especially the free items. I once claimed 8 free items at once on separate receipts for Checkoutsmart and you can too. You can also use as many apps as you want to claim multiple offers. Coupon fanatics and super savers call this way of combining offers 'stacking'.

You can shop with Checkoutsmart and Shopmium if they both have the same offers and if there is a percentage off and you have a coupon as well, that is even better. So for example, if a pack of yoghurts is £1 in Tesco and you have a 50p off Clubcard coupon, you can combine this with a 50p cashback app offer if one is available on your mobile and get the yoghurts for free.


Myth 7 - They're too complicated to use

This is potentially the biggest myth of all. People convince themselves that apps like this are too difficult for them to use and they think the technology behind it is suitable for younger people. WRONG!

These apps target consumers of all ages and they are interested in what everyone is buying and want to help you get the best offers.

The apps they have built are so easy to use, all you have to do is

1. Download the app

2. Find offers on your mobile or tablet while you're shopping

3. Upload a clear photo of your receipt to the app where it says ‘CLAIM'

4. Receive quick payment

Anyone can do it, including you. So what are you waiting for? Get saving on your next supermarket shop by downloading the apps and getting started today. Please let me know how much you've saved, I can't wait to hear from you.

Collette xx