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Selling my old mobile for cash or 'An intrepid explorer heads to Bin Liner Land'

Selling my old mobile for cash or 'An intrepid explorer heads to Bin Liner Land'

Greetings Freebie Finders,

For some unknown reason it appears that I'm lacking in funds this January and so, instead of looking for delicious places to eat lunch last weekend I embarked on a horrendous journey over mountains of rubbish, old clothes and single socks in a bid to clean up my bedroom.

Throughout my adventure (it really was quite an adventure, I drank at least four cups of tea, did some washing up, went into the living room to watch television and did as much as I possibly could to avoid the never-ending task), I found lots of things I didn't need and two of these items were - you guessed it - old mobile phones.

With MagicFreebiesUK continuously in the back of my mind I remembered an article of ours that tells you how to get cash for your old mobile phone. As you can imagine, I hastily turned my back on the growing pile of black bin liners and scrambled to the Internet. It turns out I can get some extra pocket money for selling them, as well as using the newly empty space the mobiles left behind for exciting new  things I can pick up in the January sales with that cash I just made!

Why don't you check out Mobiles for cash page and see what extra pocket money you can make?

Colleen x

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