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Free Whiskas Cat Bowl worth £4.99

Free Whiskas Cat Bowl worth £4.99

Get your free limited edition ceramic shallow cat bowl now...

Whiskas have developed a whisker-friendly bowl to avoid bumping your cats sensitive whiskers. What's more if you spend £6 or more on qualifying Whiskas products you can get it for free!

If your cat doesn't tend to eat Whiskas then you can buy the ceramic bowl at Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons, Pets at Home, Nisa and Jolleys pet stores for just £4.99.

Whisker Facts:

  • Whiskers are also known as 'tactile hairs' or vibrissae.
  • Whiskers are two or three times thicker than the cat's hair.
  • Whiskers are a natural ruler as they are roughly as wide as his or her body.
  • Cats don't have a collar bone, so they can twist their way through narrow spaces.


Colleen x