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Free Vodafone Freebee SIM card - get yours today!

Free Vodafone Freebee SIM card - get yours today!

So what's this freebie then?

It's a free SIM card from Vodafone!

How does it work?

As well as 150 minutes plus Unlimited texts and 250MB web access when you top up £10, every time you top up on Vodafone Pay as you go they'll text you a code.

Use it to Grab all sorts of instant Rewardz, such as

  • a free DVD rental
  • or grow your Pointz to save for something bigger, like a brand new smart phone

Why do I want a free SIM?

Free SIMs are very useful to have - if you want to get a new fantastic deal or if you need a spare if you lose yours.

Pay As You Go is also a great option for your kids and teens - no monthly bills, you can keep track of their spending and they can learn to save for the phone themselves - perfect!

Why not grab this free SIM card from Vodafone today? 

Colleen x