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Cheap Ways to Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Cheap Ways to Update Your Summer Wardrobe

The high street is currently awash with all things summery and psychedelic but you don't need to spend a fortune to update your wardrobe.

If I was to describe my style I would say I was a classic dresser with a look that's as exciting as the basics range at Gap. I like neutral colours, flattering cuts and natural materials. This is great during winter where I can happily live in a sea of navy and black, but come summer I tend to panic.

For me, summer shopping is both painful on the eyes (aztec neon - WHY?) and harrowing on the pocket.The shops are always bursting with all manner of psychedelic colours, prints and floaty little numbers that are terrifying for classic dressers like me.

Most years I panic buy and spend a fortune on clothes that don't suit me, only to be worn once and discarded.

Last year, I decided enough was enough and I'd be strong and stick to my usual style. I invested in a lot of basic items - navy blazer, denim shorts, khaki skinny jeans, white cotton tops etc, and accessorised a lot. This week however, I found myself getting sucked into the summer spin again.

I was in New Look when I almost fell off the wagon, but I reminded myself about all those unworn summer clothes, put down the floral print maxi dress and slowly backed away. 

Instead, I went home and had a good old root through my wardrobe and dug out my summer favourites including a navy cotton dress and a pair of tan sandals. I then made a list of things I actually need and it turns out I don't actually need anything! It's easy to think we need new clothes but really it's very easy to update your wardrobe and work with what we already have.

If you are a fellow panicky Summer buyer, have a read through my tried-and-tested tips on how to make the transition from AW to SS - without maxing out your credit card.

  • Turn up your jeans. Ankle skimming skinny jeans are the jean of the season and paired with a loose cotton top you won't get too hot and bothered.
  • Neon is everywhere but instead of going full on with a dress or top why not pair a neutral outfit with a neon statement necklace? There are loads of on-trend ones at Primark for cheap as chips.
  • Nothing looks worse than dull summer whites but don't replace just refresh! Soak them in a mixture of hot water and lemon slices for a few hours. Leave to dry in the sun and they'll be good as new. White vinegar also works well.
  • Avoid going mental and buying loads of different colours and patterns. Stick to a basic colour palette - I like navy, brown and white - and accessorise with colourful accessories like a bright orange bag.
  • Printed maxi and midi dresses are on every rail in every shop this season but patterns have a habit of dating very quickly. Choose plain dresses, that will give you a lot more wear, and accessorises with a printed scarf instead.
  • If you have loads of white tops but yearn for coral or yellow why not hand-dye them with clothing dye? Multipack dye sets costs as little as £3 on ebay.
  • If you invest in shoes then go for some studded flats and a pair of wedges. I promise they'll go with everything and see your feet through the Summer.

Hope these tips come in handy and remember: When in doubt, dig it out. Roll on the summer!

Anushka x