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How To Earn Money Scanning Receipts (tried & tested!)


Editor's note: this blog post was originally written in July 2016 and has been updated for clarity and with the latest information.

I previously shared ways to earn money from a spring clean and scanning receipts were one of my top tips on how to make money decluttering. Now I'm going to help you earn money just by scanning your receipts! 

First things first...

...make sure you always hold onto your receipts! Receipts are a useful thing to keep to check:

  • You haven’t been overcharged, or
  • In case you change your mind and want to return or exchange something

But what if I told you that you could also make money scanning your receipts?

Black iPhone placed on top of a collection of receipts, including TK Maxx and Dunelm

There is an amazing app out there called Receipt Hog. They want your receipts, and they’re willing to pay. You’ve basically been throwing money away every time you've binned a receipt! No doubt with the kids off school you will be making plenty of trips to the supermarket and other places with the kids, so why not save your receipts and use this fabulous app to make some money? Don't worry, I'll talk you through it.

How can I use Receipt Hog to earn money?

Receipt Hog is hands down the easiest way to put some extra cash in your pocket with minimal effort.

  • Feed your Hog receipts and be rewarded with coins or spins for the Hog slot machines, where you can win even more coins.
  • Redeem coins for cash via PayPal or Amazon gift cards = cha-ching!

Unlike other shopping rewards programs, Receipt Hog rewards you for receipts no matter where you shop or what you buy.

Is it a scam?

Absolutely not! Thousands of people from all over the world wouldn't be using it if it was a scam. I know it's almost too good to believe but you can make genuine money! 

Hand holding black iPhone scanning a red TK Maxx receipt

What receipts can I scan to earn money?

Receipt Hog accepts pretty much any receipt. You're looking at anything from major retailers, to local businesses, to even corner shops.

Here are some examples of what you can earn coins from:

  • Grocers and supermarkets
  • Corner shops and convenience stores
  • Off licenses
  • Pharmacies
  • Cash and carry’s
  • Health and chemist stores
  • Bargain and discount shops
  • Beauty suppliers
  • Pet shops

You can also earn 'hog slots' from places like:

  • Clothing retailers
  • Office suppliers
  • Electronic stores
  • Home improvement and furnishings
  • Bookshops
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Arts and crafts suppliers
  • Plus any other store!

Earn sweepstake entries with: 

  • Petrol receipts
  • Restaurants and bar receipts
  • Bakery and café receipts

Wow! So it practically is any receipt from any shop. To get more turns on the hog slots, stores like Waterstones, Currys, Homebase, New Look and Ikea are particularly popular. 

What needs to be on the receipt?

Black iPhone on white table open on Receipt Hog page, showing what needs to be on a valid receipt to earn money

It's simple really. Each receipt that you upload to the app needs to contain:

  • What you bought
  • Where you bought it &
  • When you bought it

The date is particularly important as the receipt needs to be dated within two weeks of you claiming coins.

Hold up!

Before you get too giddy, there is also a maximum number of receipts you can upload. You can only upload a maximum of 20 receipts every 7 days and only 3 from an individual store each day. This stops people going crazy and uploading 100 receipts from 5 years ago. Smart move, Receipt Hog! 

How much can I actually earn by scanning receipts?

This is the big question on everyone's mind! Really, it doesn't matter whether you've spent pennies on your midnight grocery haul in the reduced aisle - check out how to save money at the supermarket - or if you've splurged on your favourite beauty product, you can still earn coins.

Here's an idea of how the points system works:

  • If you scan a receipt for £10 or less, you will earn 5 coins
  • If you've spent between £10 - £50, you will earn 10 coins
  • Between £50 - £100, earn 15 coins
  • £100+ you will be rewarded with 20 coins 

On top of all this, you are automatically entered into a monthly sweepstake where you can win up to 5,000 coins - oooh how exciting!

TOP TIP: When you make it to 100 coins in a week, any receipts uploaded after that point will only earn you 5 coins and 1 sweepstake entry. So if you've spent big, it might be worth holding back to scan that receipt the following week. 

How can I earn even more?

Screenshot of Receipt Hog rewards page

There are lots of little tasks featured inside the app that you can complete to earn extra points.

Some of these include:

  • Linking to your email - 100 coins
  • Linking your Amazon account - 36 coins
  • Connecting the app with another user in the household - 40 coins
  • Connecting with Facebook - 6 hog slots

What are hog slots and sweepstakes? 

In some cases, instead of coins you can be rewarded with an entry to the 'hog slots' which has us very excited. This is just like a casino wheel that you can earn bonus coins by playing with your hog slots.

Every day, one person can get their last shopping trip paid for! Imagine how awesome would it be if you got your weekly shop or impulsive TV purchase for FREE.

The more receipts you scan and upload, the more levels you move up and receive more bonus hog spins. You can also win big on monthly sweepstakes, where you can win prizes and extra rewards. You are automatically entered into the sweepstake when you scan your receipts. 

Most importantly, when can I cash out?

You need you need to stack up your coins by quite a significant amount before you can cash out. Want to know how much your points are worth? 


  • £5 = 1,500 coins
  • £10 = 2,850 coins
  • £20 = 5,300 coins
  • £50 = 12,000 coins

Amazon vouchers:

  • £3 = 1,000 coins
  • £10 = 2,850 coins
  • £20 = 5,300 coins
  • £50 = 12,000 coins

Ok, it all sounds great - how does it actually work?

Hand holding black iPhone scanning a red TK Maxx receipt

Let me show you...

  1. Go shopping as normal and don't forget to keep your receipt! 
  2. Open the app and click 'snap first receipt' 
  3. Take a photo of your receipt. Receipt really long? Don't worry - you can take up to 9 photos in one claim
  4. Fill in a quick and easy survey on your shopping trip experience (literally who went and how you rate your visit)
  5. Sit back and relax and wait for your receipt to process (usually within the same day) and don't forget to turn your notifications on for Receipt Hog. It's easy!

So there you have it, if I can use Receipt Hog - anyone can! It's free, simple to use and can earn you quick cash - what's not to love?

Enjoy folks!

Collette xx