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Secret beauty tips to save you money


According to recent findings, the average woman spends nearly £2,000 a year on their appearance.

Looking good can be costly and most of our favourite products often come with a hefty price tag, but with a few nifty tips and tricks you can make your products last longer and save money!

Toothpaste - cut it

If you can't possibly squeeze any more products out of a tube you may just chuck it in the bin but simply snipping off the end will mean you can use every last bit. You can use this little trick on anything that comes in a tube or even plastic bottle - lip balm, toothpaste, hand cream, conditioner etc.

A good rule of thumb is - cut every bottle and tube before you throw it away!

Bulk your body scrub

If your body scrub is running out don’t rush out and buy another! Simply make it last longer by topping it up with brown sugar and olive oil or honey. These kitchen cupboard ingredients are fantastic for skin smoothing and moisturising, and will blend well with most scents.

If your scrub is fragrance-free then why not try adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil? You'll get a completely new scrub experience for free!

Turn your favourite spritz into a scented lotion!

When you reach the last few drops of perfume and you can't spritz no longer, don't despair just pour the remainder into an unscented moisturiser or body wash to get the most out of it.

You'll get to enjoy your favourite fragrance for much longer and you'll get a free beauty product out of it!

Get rust-free Razors

If your razors are rusting quickly then take action now! Get into the habit of shaking your razor dry, soaking it in baby oil, wiping dry and storing in a dry cupboard.

Baby oil helps the metal from oxidising and stops minerals from dulling, keeping the razor sharper for longer. Whilst, storing it in a dry place not exposed to moisture will prevent rusting.

You'll be shocked at how long your razors last you!

Ration your haircare

Most people are guilty of using far too much shampoo and conditioner. If you uncontrollably squeeze out as much product as possible then you not only could you be wasting money but your hair may be getting greasier quicker!

Hairdressers recommend you use a maximum of a 50 pence sized amount, so to help limit your usage decant a week's worth of product into small travel-sized bottles and keep them in the bathroom.

This will help you not be wasteful and keep your hair fresher!

Turn old lipstick into new lip gloss

When you lipsticks get old, stubby or out of favour then simply cut them up, melt them down in the microwave for a few seconds and pour in a tin or tube. Voila - a homemade lip gloss!

You can even experiment with mixing colours together for a brand new shade!

Reinvent your bronzer

We'e all mourned the loss of a shattered blusher, but did you know you can piece the broken bits together so it's practically new again?

Grab a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol, a surgical spirit commonly available at pharmacies, and a few drops to your broken blusher and gently nudge the pieces together. In 30 minutes you can expect the product to have reset.

Bad conditioner makes a great shaving lotion

If you've tried a new conditioner and it's not quite working for you, don't toss it out. You can use it on your legs as a shaving lotion, instead. Conditioner works well to soothe and moisturise legs during the shaving process – if you like it, you could save money by buying cheap conditioner instead of pricey shaving foam!

Resurrect old nail polishes

We all have gloopy, old nail polishes in our collection that we can’t bring ourselves ot throw away but never wear. Well, did you know you can revive them with a few drops of Nail Polish Thinner?

Give the bottle a good old shake and the thinner will help restore the nail polish’s consistency and colour.

Make expensive body oils last

Body oils are the buzz of the beauty world, but they are more expensive than your average moisturiser. If you’ve invested in a skin smoothing oil make sure you get the most for your money!

When it's about to finish, top up and dilute with water and shake. You'll still reap the effects of the oil and it’s a great way to top up your skin with moisture after a hot shower.