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How to speed sell


Clearing out the clutter and want to turn it into cash in a flash – heading over to an online classified site is a great way to sell, says Ian Buzer, Managing Director of the UK's largest independent buying and selling site, preloved.co.uk. Here he offers some advice on how to make your adverts shout out from the crowd for a quick killing.

Preloved gets over ONE BILLION page views a year – that's a lot of eyes searching for great secondhand deals. So what does it take to make your advert the one that gets buyers clamouring to seal a deal? Here are some of the common factors that make a successful online advert.

Add a photo

It's my number one recommendation – a picture speaks a thousand words. The Internet is a visual medium, so buyers can instantly SEE what you're selling. Choose shots that clearly show all the item's relevant details (including any signs of wear and tear). Keep your camera steady and avoid amateurish blurred shots that won't make buyers feel confident that you've taken care and attention with your advert. It's FREE to upload three images with free adverts on Preloved, so use the full allocation.

Give a Detailed Description

The more in-depth information you can give buyers, the easier it is for them to decide if the item you're selling meets their needs. On Preloved, we don't limit the amount of words with adverts, so include information like the item's age, various features, dimensions, condition and your reasons for selling. If there is some wear and tear, be honest and tell buyers to avoid wasting there (and your) time.

Sell a Story

If the item you're selling is in a category where there are lots that are similar, make sure you stand out from the crowd by spelling out why yours is so special. For example, if you're selling a classic VW Beetle, tell potential buyers any funny stories, adventures you've had or why you think it's unique.

Correct Keywords

Think about the keywords you need to include in your advert's description so it appears in the results of buyers using keyword search to find particular items. Keywords should be included in both the title and description of adverts. A spell check is also a good idea - particularly when selling difficult-to-spell items (like Manolo Blahnik shoes!)

Take Time with the Title

If you want high visibility in Preloved’s listings, alongside boosting your coverage on Google and other popular search engines, the title of your advert is important.Remember: be concise, clear and informative.

Here’s some examples of good advert titles to give you the idea:

  • Ikea Klippan 2-seater sofa with cream cover
  • 14ft Ace Marauder Touring Caravan with Awning
  • Spiderman lamp, duvet cover, blanket and laundry basket

(And a few that could do with a little more tweaking!)

  • Baby buggy
  • Boat for sale
  • Bargain buy!

Friendly Face

Potential buyers like to see a friendly face, so good selling sites like Preloved allow you to upload an image of yourself in your public profile. You can also include information about your interests, hobbies, etc to show you're a real person. And, who knows, perhaps your buyer could also become a new friend?

The Price is Right

Successfully selling secondhand means getting the price right. Be realistic. It's a competitive environment and buyers can look for a good deal in lots of places, both on- and off-line. Do some research to find out current prices to give you an idea of where to pitch your item. If you're really keen to sell, reflect it in the price and tell buyers. However, if you think your item is worth more than others you've seen, tell buyers why.

Keep it Refreshed

Make sure you update your advert regularly to avoid buyers assuming it's more than likely sold. On Preloved, hitting the refresh option renews the 'Last Edited' date and shoots the advert higher up the listings to increase its visibility.