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How to move house the super savvy way


Did you know that the average British person will move a whopping eight times in their lifetime? Wow! We all know how expensive moving house can be and during this stressful time it can be so easy to lose track of expenses.

Let us help you keep moving costs to a minimum with these top money saving tips. You could save hundreds!


Move on a weekday

When choosing a moving date, it’s always important to bear in mind that weekends and bank holidays will definitely be more expensive to hire removal vans or companies, and that the roads will be busier. Try and stick to weekdays if possible to save money.

Change addresses online

Make sure all of the right people know your new address, including your bank and utility companies, to avoid old bills popping up months or years later. 0845 numbers are expensive but most companies will let you change address details online. You can do this before you move, by using a friend or relative’s internet access, or using a free wifi spot or the 3G on your smartphone. This will also save you paying insane post redirection fees.

Give away or pick up unused furniture

Whether you’re ditching your old furniture or trying to score some new pieces for your next house, sites like freecycle and gumtree could be your life saver! Advertise your furniture online with no cost and someone will come and collect your stuff so you don’t have the hassle of delivering it. It’s better to do this prior to moving rather than paying extra to transport items you know you will never use and will take up valuable space in your new home. Keep a look out on local Facebook groups for people also giving away freebies.

Likewise, if you're looking for new items to fill up your new home, you can look on these sites to see if you can pick up a great deal. Most items on there are in great condition, the problem is that the owners can’t sell them or are in a hurry to pass them on.

Ask for help

Packing and moving everything yourself will save money, but it can be exhausting. Why not ask your friends and family to chip in and ask around to see if anyone knows someone who can lend you a van or can help shift a few boxes on moving day.

If you require your washing machine disconnected professionally, it can be expensive to hire a plumber. However, if you know a handyman who's useful around the house then asking them to help you out can reduce your outgoings a considerable amount.

You could also save money on a professional cleaning service for both your current and new house by asking your friends if they are available to help out on your moving day.

Pick up free moving boxes

Ever noticed that Homebase have a huge green bin near the exit where you can pick up boxes for free? We did! Local independent businesses like liquor stores and grocery shops also have spare boxes stacked up from deliveries which they will usually be happy to give away, all you have to do is ask.

Get creative with meal planning

Rather than having to throw out a fridge freezer full of food you have spent money on, make an inventory of all the food you have to consume before moving house and see how you can create an inventive meal plan for the weeks running up to your house move.

Similarly, by making the most of the food you already have in your house, you will save money on eating out or the takeaways you would otherwise have had. A great tip is to order your food shopping online to your new house the night before so it arrives on the day you move in. This will also save money on takeaways and will save you running to your local store when you’re tired from all that unpacking, you’re welcome!

These are our top tips for saving money when moving, we'd love for you to get in touch if you have any of your own. 

Collette xx