How To Move House the Super Savvy Way


Editor's note: the blog post was originally written in June 2016 and has been updated for clarity and with the latest information.

Did you know that the average British person will move a whopping eight times in their lifetime?

Not only do you have to take into consideration the time this will take (and the inevitable stress that comes with it)...

...but also the dent it makes in your bank balance.

Let us help you keep moving costs to a minimum with these top money-saving tips. You could save hundreds!

Hand giving a set of keys to a couple, woman wearing a red jumper and man wearing striped jumper

Move on a weekday

When choosing a moving date, bear in mind that weekends and bank holidays will be more expensive to hire removal vans. And the roads will be busier!

Try and stick to weekdays to save money.

Change your address online

Not only do you have to learn your new address, but all the right people need to know it too.

  • Bank, lenders & credit card companies
  • Insurance provider
  • Utility suppliers
  • Regular bills (eg mobile phone, magazine subscription etc)
  • Health services (GP, dentist, optician etc)

...these are just a few of the sorts of people you need to tell you've moved, to avoid old bills popping up.

Check out the Which Moving House Checklist for a concise guideline on all the companies you need to get in touch with.

Some companies can be sneaky and charge you the cost of an 0845 phone call in order to do this - try and avoid at all costs! Where possible, always change your address online.

This will also save you paying insane post redirection fees.

Give away or pick up unused furniture

Planning to ditch your old furniture in favour for new pieces?

Freecycle and Gumtree will become your new best friends.

One man's trash is another man's treasure, and the things you were planning on just chucking can go to a new home. Advertise at no-cost online and its new owner will come and pick it up - zero hassle for you.

Top tip: it's better to do this in your old home, as you'll save on transporting them to the new place.

Equally, keep an eye out for new things that you need. You'd be surprised at the quality pieces people are willing to go for free, simply to free up space!

Most items are in great condition, with the problem being that the owners can’t sell them or are in a hurry to pass them on.

Ask around for help

Packing and moving everything yourself will save you money...

...but it can be exhausting!

Now is the crucial time to play the family and friends cards. Helping hands can go a long way (and you never know who may have a van to help shift boxes!)

Save money on cleaning services and odd handymen jobs by seeing if you can get some happy helpers on moving day.

Just remember to provide the snacks!

Pick up free moving boxes

Collection of flat packed cardboard boxes for moving house

Ever noticed that Homebase have a huge green bin near the exit filled with boxes?

You can take those for free to help you pack.

Shoe shops and supermarkets are also really handy places to pick up packing boxes. All you have to do is ask!

Get creative with meal planning

Try and avoid throwing away a fridge full of food by making an inventory of what you have a couple of weeks before moving day.

Get creative with your meals and try and use up as many ingredients as you can!

Top tip: do an online food order to arrive at your new house the day you move in, saving you from a panic trip to the supermarket!

These are our top tips for saving money when moving, we'd love for you to get in touch if you have any of your own. 

Collette xx