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How to get a free pack of Cornettos for Bank Holiday Weekend


Cornettos are my fave! As the sun is coming out to play and we're all looking forward to another Bank Holiday weekend, wouldn't it be fab if you could enjoy a free pack of Cornetto Ice Cream with your friends and loved ones? Great news, now you can!

 That's right folks, new Shopmium members can score themselves a free 4-pack of Cornetto Classico Ice Creams. 

It's going to be an absolute scorcher so make sure you've got your sun cream at the ready, and these delicious Cornetto Classico Ice Creams stashed in your freezer.

How to get a free 4-pack of Cornetto Classico Ice Creams:

  1. Follow the link and download the Shopmium app and sign up for free using referral code AKCCGYEZ 
  2. Head to your nearest supermarket and pick up your pack of Cornetto Classico Ice Creams
  3. Make sure you keep your receipt, then open the app when you get home to scan your item and upload your receipt

The money for your item will appear back in your account on the app within a day. You can take this out straight away and pop it in either your bank or PayPal account or contribute it towards discounted items featured on the app. Amazing!

Enjoy your free Cornettos, folks!

Collette xx