5 Genuine Ways we Made £165 on our Spring Clean


Editor's note: this blog post was originally written in April 2016 and has been updated for clarity and with the latest information.

'Tis the season to spring clean and as someone who has recently relocated, I still can’t believe how much clutter my partner and I had dragged across the country with us.

On the bright side, when we did finally purge our new apartment, we realised we were sat on an impressive £165.

Want to know how we did it?

Person mopping kitchen floor with white mop

Recycle your electronics, mobile phones and DVDs. Money earnt = £60

The rise of websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime has sadly seen the death of the humble DVD. While it's fun and sentimental to keep the boxsets of your fave TV shows and films, how often do we really use them?

The list goes on!

We also got rid of our old University textbooks that were taking up a lot of floor space and a clunky ASUS laptop with a missing keyboard. 

Why don't you have a look around your home to find unwanted technology gathering dust in the back of drawers and trade it in to earn some extra pennies!

Get vouchers with the H&M £5 'Long Live Fashion' Campaign. Money earnt =  £25

H&M has a great scheme where you can recycle clothes from any brand and they give you a £5 voucher to redeem when you spend £25 or more in store.

By ditching our unwanted threads we visited the store five times in total, receiving £25 in vouchers.


If you have any clothes that you’re struggling to part ways with, ask yourself...

Have I worn this in the last year?

If not, it might be worth trading in to contribute towards your shiny new spring wardrobe.

Cash in on unexpected antiques. Money earnt = £40

We had bought a vintage camera for decoration in our previous house for a £1 at a car boot sale. As we felt it didn’t really have a place in our new home, we researched the make and model and it was worth a lot more than we had anticipated.

So, we sold it to an antique dealer and made a cool £40!

Make sure you always check what antiques are worth before throwing them away.

Also, if you’re going to a car boot sale keep an eye open for any bargains. Just don’t let the clutter pile return!

Scan in your receipts with the Receipt Hog App. Money earnt = £5

Hand holding black iPhone scanning a red TK Maxx receipt

Receipt Hog is a great example of why you shouldn’t throw your receipts away straight away. You can earn points which then convert into money or vouchers. We haven’t used it much yet but I had a few restaurant and supermarket receipts left over which we scanned in and earned £5.

Interested? Check out my handy guide on how to use Receipt Hog to earn money by scanning receipts.

Sell unwanted gifts or items with original packaging. Money earnt = £30

We received a coffee machine as a present a couple of months ago that wouldn’t fit anywhere in our kitchen.

As a result, we listed it on eBay and sold it locally to save on postage fees and risk the item being lost when delivered. It’s surprising what you can buy and sell online and what you have around your home that people may want!

This isn’t a get quick rich scheme and you most probably won’t get back what you paid for it originally, but it will definitely earn you some pennies back. Also, sites like eBay have fees and invoice you for the month so just make sure you read T&Cs before listing.

So what are you waiting for? Start spring cleaning today and let me know how much money you made!

Collette xx