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Free personalised charts to help with parenting


Why wouldn't you want a free resource that helped you be a better parent?

Do you find it tough being a parent? Do you just wish sometimes that there was somewhere to go to get a bit of help without having to spend, spend, spend?

KiddyCharts is a free resource site for parents that offers just that, from advice to free downloads, the site it designed to help give us parents a break. Set up in 2012 by Helen Neale, a mum to two herself, it is there to help you make parenting a little easier without the need for wine, coffee or chocolate ;-).

The site offers gorgeous, unique personalised charts to help you with anything from potty training, to fussy eating. The best thing about it is that you can add your own photos to 15 different backgrounds to really make a chart that works for YOUR kid. They take less than five minutes to make, but can help solve those annoying parenting problems.

If your child likes the beach - no problem – we have a seaside theme.

Do they prefer being a pirate? Sorted – turn them into one.

We have four personalised and free chart downloads for you helping with:

But the site isn’t all about the charts, KiddyCharts also has its own YouTube channel where you can drop by for advice on how to face those parenting challenges that your kids throw at you from time to time.

In addition, their free downloads include games, and checklists to get you through your parenting journey with a spring in your step.

From a wonderful go grow glow game to teach your kids the importance of a balanced diet, to a worry tree that encourages them to discuss their fears with you, we just keep on coming up with great free stuff to help you along the way.

If you are looking for a friendly face to help with some of those little “issues” that the kids delight in keeping us on our toes with, then perhaps one of the short Parenting Snapshots videos might be able to help. At only 5 minutes they’ll give you enough info to get you started, without boring you to death!

If you don’t get what you are looking for on the KiddyCharts site, fear not. They are active on all forms of social media, and regularly share great advice to help with the kids on their channels. Pinterest is a favourite, and you can join nearly 500,000 other followers by hooking up with the KiddyCharts Pinterest account. From crafts, to activities, and general tips – if it’s not there, it isn’t worth knowing!

If you are more of a Facebook kind of parent, and love seeing the odd fluffy cat picture, mixed in with your sage advice – KiddyCharts has a good following on Facebook too – why not nip over to the KiddyCharts Facebook page and take a look.


Helen Neale is a former business analyst turned freelance professional blogger and social media community manager, who runs KiddyCharts to try and help other parents from making the same mistakes she has.

She is on social media far too much, and can be found picking up Lego from the floor, while simultaneously juggling with a bar of chocolate and a glass of diet coke. Honest.