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5 quick ways to make some extra cash

5 quick ways to make some extra cash

If your purse or wallet is looking  a little slender, maybe it's time to make a bit of extra cash on the side.

Start selling online
If you've got items in your home you don't use or need then it's time to get rid and sell it to someone who wants it. It's worth going through your attic, or all those old boxes you still haven't unpacked from when you moved last. Look into selling your unwanted items on eBay or Gumtree

Baby sitting
It's not just for teenage girls! Anyone one can babysit, you just need to have had some experience. Start asking around your neighbourhood or your friends. It's also a great chance for parents to get out and have some time to themselves.

Sell your old mobiles
You may be hoarding lots of old phones that you have no use for, so why not sell them for cash or vouchers?

Mystery Shopper
There are lots of companies that want to find out how their staff perform and will pay you to find out for them. Make sure (when researching into Mystery Shopping websites) to avoid places that want you to give them money before you start shopping for them. See our Mystery Shopping page for more information on making money this way.

Car Boot Sale
If you've got lots of items stashed away in the loft and you don't want to sell online, why not find out where your local car boot sales are? All it takes is a quick web search to find out how much it will cost you, then you just need to work out how much you're likely to make and see if it's worth it.

Good luck folks!
Colleen x