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Free Silicone Spatula

Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!

Ooh, check out this fab test & keep campaign. You can get your hands on FREE kitchen products through the Baking and Cookery Private Club on Facebook!

They have literally 1,000s of products up for grabs. Why not apply now for the chance to receive free kitchen utensils straight to your door?

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming having to plan meals for all the family to enjoy, and we can fall out of love with cooking as it becomes a chore.

This campaign is sure to help you fall back in love again!

Simply follow the link to the Facebook post and hit the 'send message' button to get applying. Please note, you need an Amazon Prime account to take part. If you don't have one - try snapping up your 30-day free trial to get started!