Free Wireless Earbuds

Wowee, have you heard of Clawee?! You simply play the much-loved arcade Claw game to bag yourself tonnes of amazing goodies!

There's so much to play for on this app - including cuddly toys, stationery, jewellery, coffee cups, tech and much more.

The app is free to download to Android or Apple! If you're on Android and can't find the app on your phone's home screen when the download is complete - check your 'game launcher' - it may be in there.

Scroll through the app and pick which item you want to play for! Once you've clawed yourself an item, all you need to do is head to the store and enter your code on your first purchase. It's that simple!

Right now you can play for a set of wireless earbuds. These are so fab for use on-the-go. Perfect for those of you looking to have a wireless lifestyle with your tech.

Use code MAGICFREEBIES when you register