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Free Now TV Pass - 300,000 Available!

Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!

Would you like free NOW TV for a whole month? With the Entertainment Pass, there are more than 300 series and shows to choose from and you could watch them all for the price of a chocolate bar!

That's because Nestle is offering 1,000 NOW TV Entertainment Passes (each worth £7.99) EVERY SINGLE HOUR between 10am and 10pm! You do need to pick up a promotional pack of Nestle chocolate or sweets but we like those odds. Promotional packs include Aero, KitKat, Yorkie, Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles and Toffee Crisps so if you are a winner, you'll also have a yummy snack to eat to celebrate.

To enter, buy your promotional Nestle pack/bar and then hit our Claim Mine Now button between the hours of 10am and 10pm. You'll need to pop in your unique entry code from the wrapper to find out if you've won!

Good luck.

Enter between 10am and 10pm daily!