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Free Dylon Colour Catcher

Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!

Hurry - claim your FREE sample of colour catching sheets from Dylon! These won't hang around for long so be sure to claim this freebie ASAP.

Colour Catcher sheets are the perfect way to put on a big load of washing without having to worry about separating your colours and your whites.

It can be so frustrating when you are in a rush and you chuck all your laundry in together but end up dying one of your favourite items a different colour! We've all been there...

These handy little sheets will prevent this from happening ever again! We've all got busy routines and often don't have the time to do multiple washes of laundry in the week, so why not make life even easier with this clever product.

Follow the link and enter your details into the form before all samples are claimed!