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Free Dorset Cereal Scoop

ENTER CODE: 7741123651188797

Pick up a FREE Dorset Cereal Scoop right now on their website! Simply follow the link and enter code 7741123651188797 on the 17 digit batch code and you could score yourself a free scoop.

This handy little breakfast freebie is perfectly designed to help you scoop up just the right amount of cereal, great for if you're on a diet and watching your portion sizes.

Don't worry though, you'll get plenty of Dorset cereal in this generous scoop, which is bursting with nutrients and all things healthy to give you the right start to the day.

There are a limited amount up for grabs so but these are going super quick so make sure you claim yours today. They'll send yours out to you in the post if you're selected as a winner. Amazing!