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Free Amazon Echo Show 5

Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!

Great news for fans of Oats So Simple by Quaker Oats - your brekkie could win you an Amazon Echo Show 5 with this promotion! 

If you buy any of the below-listed promotional products, keep the packaging and make sure you get an entry in to win this amazing prize. Ten people will win every single day which is more than 500 Echo Shows over the course of the comp!

  • Oat So Simple Apple & Blueberry 10 pack
  • Oat So Simple Golden Syrup 10 pack
  • Oat So Simple Original 10 Pack
  • Oat So Simple Original Family Pack
  • Oat So Simple Golden Syrup Family Pack
  • Oat So Simple Original Big Bowl
  • Oat So Simple Golden Syrup Big Bowl

Plus, because the promotional products arrived in store a little early, there are even 10 more bonus Echo Shows to win this week! If you do enter the Early Bird version of this comp, make sure you still keep the packaging as you can use the same pot to enter the main comp for another chance after the 13th of Jan.

To enter, grab your Oats So Simple pot and click the Claim Mine Now button below.

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