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Free LYFT Nicotine Pouches

If you're trying to kick a smoking or vaping habit, you've probably heard of these clever little nicotine pouches. Right now, LYFT is offering free samples when you sign up to their website so you can try it out.

You can use LYFT nicotine pouches anywhere so they are perfect for travel and could be just the solution you're looking for - whenever you crave nicotine, you simply pop a pouch under your lip and it delivers nicotine for up to 60 minutes. 

If you're interested in this one, click Claim Mine Now and fill in the form. Next, choose Polar Mint flavour or Berry Frost and your preferred strength (4mg or 6mg) and add it to your basket (the discount will be applied at the checkout stage). Pop in your address and submit the free order and your LYFT pouches will be on their way to you soon.

Please note: this is not a smoking cessation product and is only available to existing adult smokers / vapers ages 18+.