Free Rapid-Relief Treatment for IBS

If you or someone you know suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, why not check out this new support programme from Talk Health.

It's called 'myIBS' and it's completely free to join, PLUS when you do sign up you are automatically entered into a draw to receive one of 100 free packs of Enterosgel - a fast-acting treatment to relieve the symptoms of chronic IBS diarrhoea.

What's more, this programme will provide you with 12 weeks of useful content via email on topics such as symptoms and treatment, common triggers & irritants, diet, the latest research and questions you should be asking your doctor.

If this is of interest, use our button below to head over to TalkHealth. Find out more about the programme and select 'Sign up to myIBS' to get started (if you're not already a member of TalkHealth, you'll need to this first here).