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Win Free Lollipops on Twitter!

Win Free Lollipops on Twitter!

Good morning,

Over on Twitter we have a brand new Tweet for Sweets competition. Tweet @UKMagicFreebies your best joke and if we retweet it you'll win a free lollipop!

Winners and their jokes so far include...

"What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho Cheese!" tweeted by @Jimbowoods101

"Why was Cinderella no good at scoring? Because she ran away from the ball!" tweeted by @redwinnie1970

"Why did the bigamist cross the road? To get to the other bride!" tweeted by @valentine6769

"What do you call 2 robbers? A pair of knickers!" tweeted by @LaurAmyWilliams

Think you can do better than this bunch of jokers? Tweet us your best joke  and you could win a free lollipop.

Anushka x