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Win the Ultimate Summer Bundle


Summer is coming! Get ready for endless BBQs, festival season and holidays! We all have our favourite gadgets that can liven up our social events and here at Magic Freebies, we've teamed up with Prezzybox to offer you the ultimate Summer Bundle.

So whether you're looking to liven up your office at work this summer, or set the mood with lighting or music at a social event, this bundle has something for everyone. Check out what's included and enter our competition today for your chance to win. 

Let us know what you think of our Ultimate Summer Bundle!

What's in the bundle?

We're all very excited about our latest giveaway (and jealous) to offer you this bundle which includes

Smuggle Your Booze Hairbrush

Smuggle your alcohol into events with this ridiculously clever hairbrush flask. Security won't look twice at this innocent looking paddle brush, after all, hair styling tools are pretty much a necessity at any event right?

You can fit up to 6 fluid ounces of alcohol into the container which is actually also a fully functioning hairbrush. So fill it up, pop it into your bag and you've found a perfect solution to excessive queuing and overpriced drinks.

But shh. You didn't hear it from us!

Pineapple Cup x 2

This Carnival Fiesta Plastic Pineapple Cup is the perfect addition to any fun occasion this summer. Whether you’re hosting a Hawaiian themed beach party or just hosting a casual BBQ for friends and family, these pineapple cups will definitely brighten up your event. These are perfect for cocktails or even to serve juice in for your children.

The fluorescent 14cm tall cup comes apart in the middle to easily clean and fill it and also comes complete with a bright green straw and leafy crown, as well as featuring the bright yellow indents to make it as realistic as possible.

Portable Wine Glass

For times when you could desperately use a glass of chilled wine, why not take it with you in this clever portable wine glass. It is perfect for outdoor excursions and picnics. You can keep your wine safe and avoid spillages with a lid to keep it safe while on the move.

What's great is that it is made from plastic, making it more practical if you accidentally drop it (accidents happen post wine drinking, we're not judging!) Its thick walled thermal technology also makes sure your wine will stay ice cold in the burning heat, pretty good right?

Beat Box Flat Pack Stereo Speaker

Want to turn the music up at a BBQ or festival campsite? Now you can with this simple to use Flat Pack Speaker Stereo. The pop-up style cardboard stereo sound for your phone or iPod/mp3 gives you an instant beat when you plug in.

This handy device contains two quality amp speakers and a jack plug for your device so you can instantly share your tunes at a social event, amazing!

Glow Corks

Get creative with these pretty glow corks at your next party. Simply turn your empty bottles into a makeshift lamp, or hang outside in your back garden.

Whatever you chose to do, these corks are a novel idea to add atmosphere to any event and will allow you take advantage of empty items post-party.

The set comes in two and you can easily create different colours depending on what item you pop your corks into. Enjoy!



Unicorn Plasters 

If you or your little ones get a cut or scrape this season, send the nasty pain away with these beautiful and magical unicorn plasters. The bright colours and pretty unicorns will instantly make you feel better.

Why not benefit from a set of fifteen assorted plasters and a latex-free adhesive bandage with sterile gauze. You even get a mystery prize with your plasters to help take your mind of your injury, magic!

Unicorn Pen 

This cute pen will certainly help you write with a hint of magic. The cute pen is a black ballpoint and is the perfect little mystical creature to spark interest at your work desk. So even if you're not treating yourself to a holiday this year, you can still brighten up your life at work.

Stand out with the rainbow unicorn which detaches its back legs and tail so that you can write perfectly with the pen and then pop the lid back on when you’re done to have a full unicorn complete with a gold horn.

Snap Remote 

Have you ever been demoted from a photo to be the one taking it? This smart device lets you take group photos with everyone in the shot, and there' none of the award reverse camera to try and squeeze everyone in either.

The little remote works with a free app that is compatible with 3,4,5, iPad and android smartphones. All you have to do is get everyone in the frame and press the button for an amazing group shot. It also comes with a phone stand so there’s no need to worry about propping either.

This is a fabulous little gadget if you're going on holiday or to a festival and can't bring a selfie stick. Enjoy yours!

How to enter to win your summer bundle

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If you're a winner, we will get in touch shortly after the competition deadline.

Good luck! Collette xx