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We Love Free Music!

We Love Free Music!

Here at the MagicFreebiesUK office we like to whistle a jaunty tune or hum along to a happy melody.

So much so that we have music playing at nearly all times. From easy listening in the mornings (with some Rage against the Machine thrown in for good measure on Mondays) to feel good tunes on a Friday, the choice of music always seems to reflect the mood in the office! Or rather the person on music duty.

I won’t name any names but we've got a big folksy, acoustic fan who enjoys Ben Howard, an old school R'n'B nut and a fangirl who plays nothing but 1D and Taylor Swift much to the annoyance of everyone else.

We take advantage of the free digital music service Spotify to play free music in the office which means we can play whatever takes our fancy. If you haven’t yet used Spotify then you can create a free account and listen to millions of songs on your desktop and laptop. Just hit play! You will have to accept ads but for a completely free music service it’s a pretty small inconvenience.

There are also loads of other free music services on the Internet. We've heard good things about Jamendo and Grooveshark too! Or you can listen to Jango – a free Internet radio service.

Anushka x