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Want a free facial?

Want a free facial?

If the season-change has left your complexion sallow, dry or spotty your skin is probably screaming out for some TLC. Professional facials can cost up to £50 but with the use of some free samples you can do it for free at home.

Follow my 5 steps to recreating a professional facial...

1. Clean skin with a pre-cleanse

Firstly, take off your make up but ditch the short-cut wipes and treat your skin to a thorough cleanse.

New skin cleansing oils have been formulated to loosen and lift-off make up and dirt, including water-proof mascara, creating a “deep-clean” effect.  Smooth on an oil like Mac Cleanse Off Oil (£7.50) onto dry skin, leave for five minutes while it emulsifies then rinse. The cocktail of Vitamin E, Primrose Oil and Jojoba will leave your skin feeling daisy fresh.

Take a light cleanser and apply onto your face using a cotton wool pad.

Top DIY Tip: For a free alternative mix two teaspoons of baking soda with one teaspoon of warm water and apply the paste onto your face. It cleans deep down and although it sounds abrasive it’s actually kinder to sensitive skin – just make sure you wash it off thoroughly.

2. Exfoliate and brush to remove dead skin cells

Using your fingertips gently rub an exfoliating facial scrub onto your face using small circular motions. Focus on areas around your nose, forehead and any oily areas of your face.

Remember that exfoliating your skin doesn’t have to mean rubbing in a scrub – especially if you suffer from dry skin. Instead exfoliate by brushing your skin! Use a brush like The Body Shop’s Facial Brush (£3) in circular movements to stimulate circulation, release toxins and naturally plump the skin – resulting in a glowing complexion.

Top DIY Tip: For a free beauty product just raid the kitchen cupboard! Combine 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of finely ground almonds, 2 tbsp dry oats and a squeeze of lemon juice for a free exfoliating facial scrub.

3. Purify your pores with a hot steam and mask

Applying too much make up (skin needs to breathe too!) and late nights can cause toxins to be released from your skin, leading to congested pores and spot breakouts.

Steam your skin by holding your face over a bowl of hot water to encourage impurities to surface. Steam for ten minutes, with regular intervals, then finish by smoothing on a self-heating mask like Soap & Glory’s NO Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask (£11).

Leave for the required time then wash off and gently rub clean with a wet flannel to extract all your skin nasties. Use a Biore Pore Strip (£6.99) if your stubborn pores need help shifting any dirt build-up.

Top DIY Tip: Take this time to soothe tired, puffy eyes by placing the backs of chilled tablespoons (pop them in the freezer for a few minutes) on your eyelids and relax. This is the modern day – and free – version of the old cucumber trick.

4. De-Stress your skin with a soothing toner

Frequently applying and removing your make up can affect your skin’s ph levels resulting in flaky, blotchy or greasy skin. Calm your skin and restore your skins ph levels by smoothing on a refreshing toner like Boots Aqua Balance Skin Balancing Toner (£4.99).

People often skip toner but it’s an essential part of your DIY facial. Not only does it help shrink pores but it acts as an inflammatory and calms irritated skin. Make sure you apply it to dry or slightly damp skin and you’ll see a clearer complexion in no time.

Top DIY Tip: Store your toner in the fridge so you can soothe and refresh tired skin at the same time. Keeping your liquid-based beauty products in the fridge will also help them last longer.

5. Moisturise and revive your skin

Heavy nights, lack of sleep and indulging in too many post-work tipples can dehydrate skin and slow down cell-renewal – adding to your skin’s drab appearance.

Get your glow back by scooping some moisturiser – suited to your skin type – onto your fingertips and massaging your face. Use both hands and push skin in circular motion upwards and outwards.

Top DIY Tip: Don’t spend money on expensive lotions and potions. You can keep skin youthful for free with facial exercises. It’s the latest trend in beauty and skincare expert Carole Maggio claims it can smooth wrinkles, fresh eyes and sculpt your jawline. Learn more at http://www.facercise.com

Have you got any good skin tips?

Anushka x