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Vacuum cleaner attacks woman in her sleep


Woman was attacked at home by her own vacuum cleaner.

Imagine you've moved to a nice safe area, you have a sturdy double locked front door and just when you think you're safe in your own home, your very own trusty vacuum cleaner goes and ATTACKS YOU while you sleep. This is the terrifying story of what happened to a woman when she put all her trust into her robot vacuum cleaner and almost ended up being sucked into a hairy oblivion...

An unidentified woman from South Korea was apparently innocently taking a nap on the floor when her robot vacuum cleaner started to suck up her long hair, in an attempt to clean up the 'mess'.

Unable to free herself from the powerful suction of the robot vacuum cleaner, she frantically called the emergency services for help. It took both the joint efforts of a fire rescue and paramedic team to free her from the vacuum cleaner's strong grip.


Robot vaccum cleaners have become hugely popular in the last year or so.

These clever little gadgets vaccuum your home all by themselves and work on multiple sensors. Some even go back to their docking stations and charge themselves up when they're out of power.

Luckily the woman suffered no serious injuries, but if  ever there was a reason not to clean - this is it. Cleaning can be deadly, we repeat CLEANING CAN BE DEADLY.

Consider yourself warned.