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Top tips for keeping warm this winter

Top tips for keeping warm this winter

As you may know, we love saving money here at MagicFreebiesUK.

So far this winter I have managed to turn the heating on in my house three times - mainly because I'm trying to reduce my heating bill! I have gathered some great tips to help you save money too.

Close those curtains
Always pull your curtains at dusk and make sure they tuck behind your radiators. This will keep the heat in.

Drink hot drinks
Warm up quickly by drinking hot drinks - green tea, soup and hot chocolate.

Shut your doors
Block out draughts by making sure all your doors are shut and consider draft excluders if you can still feel the cold.

Wear light layers
Thermals are your friend this winter, make sure you have lots of layers instead of one thick jumper.

Keep moving
Make sure you stay active in your home, maybe it's a good excuse to rope the whole family in to some deep cleaning!

If you like these tips and you want more, please check out our Saving Energy page.

Colleen x