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Top tips: Feel more energetic during the day

Top tips: Feel more energetic during the day

Want more energy? Read our top tips...

Eat a healthy breakfast
You need fuel in the morning - if you don't eat breakfast you will end up having no energy. Why not eat bran cereal or scrambled eggs for breakfast? This type of breakfast will slowly release energy throughout the morning and keep you awake.

Do a workout
It's tricky to motivate yourself to do a workout in the morning but you'll end up feeling great, believe me. Swim, take a brisk walk, do some exercise at home, dance around the room - whatever you do, make sure you get a bit out of breath. If you do this for just 20 minutes first thing in the morning you will be left feeling full of energy and your digestive system will have a kick-start. 

Stay away from caffeine and sugary drinks
Strong coffee and sugary drinks may leave you feeling like you have more energy, but it is only a short-term feeling. Once the sugar and caffeine has worn off, you will feel drained and sleepy. Try to give it up. It may not be easy for the first couple of weeks because your body will be craving it, but push through, it will all be fine!

Have a power nap
Why not take a nap at lunchtime? You will end up feeling recharged and ready for the afternoon workload.

Don't eat fatty foods
Fatty foods can weigh on you stomach and leave you feeling tired. Your body needs more energy to digest these foods, so it's best to avoid and have complex carbohydrates that instead release energy into your body slowly. Why not have some fruit after your meal, this way you'll give your body the strength to start digesting.

Colleen x