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Top 5 weird (but useful) coupons


Emma Mumford (Coupon Queen) started Extreme Couponing and Deals UK on Facebook back in 2013. Today, Emma posts daily deals, coupons and freebies to all her 100k+ followers. Emma also blogs about Lifestyle, Beauty & Money saving over on her Blog.

We all love a bargain, whether it's FREE or only Half Price. But where do you draw the line on the weirdest...but useful Coupons & Deals? I have seen my fair share over the past 2 years but let us know your weirdest finds!

  1. £1 OFF Compeed Cold Sore - Not something I would pick up in my weekly shop but equally important when you do develop Cold Sores. You can pick up this Coupon from Caringeveryday.co.uk

  2. Real Scorpion Lollipops £3.49 - More like a bush tucker trial than a sweet treat, these real scorpion lollipops will certainly brighten up a Kids Birthday party e.t.c or a fright for a naughty one! You can purchase these from Amazon here

  3. 50p OFF Jack Links Beef Jerky - Useful for any lover of Beef Jerky, Not so useful for us everyday folk. Personally, I thought Beef Jerky was only sold in America! You can pick this Coupon up from Daily Mail (My Coupons).

  4. Christmas Willy Warmer £2.25 - Reduced from £17 - Overpriced? Certainly, but great for men through these cold winter months! You an pick one up from Amazon here.

  5. Gentlemen's Ball Scratcher £11.99 - Again another one for the men, any Family Guy fan will appreciate this nifty gadget. You can pick this up from Amazon here under other sellers.