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Tips on saving money for Christmas

Tips on saving money for Christmas

Here are some tips to save money, cut costs and increase the Christmas fund.

Christmas is coming! This fills me with both inexplicable joy and fear at the same time. Joy because I love the festiveness of it all. Starbucks 2 for 1 Christmas Coffees and mulled wine make me ridiculously content. But, the fear stems from knowing how expensive the weeks leading up to the holidays can be. Catch-up drinks with old friends, outfits, presents and festive food to buy. It all mounts up and with just one more pay day left I've come up with ways to cut back on weekly spending. 

1. No takeaway coffees apart from Fridays. Drink instant and enter for Taylors freebie coffee sample

2. Only eat out with restaurant vouchers and make use of 2 for 1 deals

3. Ditch bottled water and use a filtered water bottle or sports bottle

4. Make sandwiches and packed lunches every day apart from Friday - (we all need a treat at the end of the week!)

5. Only go to the cinema on Orange Wednesday and make use of cinema freebies

6. Buy own-brand products only at the supermarket for a week

7. Apply for a train refund whenever the train is late

8. Order drinks with free soda and cordial instead of usual tipples

9. Keep eyes straight ahead at supermarket checkouts - no looking at the sneaky chocolates as you go past them

10. Do without buying magazines for a month, it's sad but it has to be done - instead catch up online


Anushka x