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Stop Losing Focus!

Stop Losing Focus!

Do you find yourself zoning out, forgetting things or lacking concentration? Give yourself a mental boost with some brain food. 

I've found as I've gotten older I occasionally 'zone out' which has recently led me to look into what foods help you focus, and it turns out there are a few proven foods that can help. If you tend to lose focus too then try incorporating the following foods into your diet. 

Leafy Greens - A neurology study found that people, who eat two or more servings of vegetables, in particular leafy greens, had the mental focus of people five years their junior. Try to have a large salad for lunch and whatever your dinner always try to supplement it with a leafy side salad.

Whole Grains - Recent studies have shown that people sustain mental focus if they have eaten a breakfast based on whole grains compared to those who had a carb-heavy meal or no breakfast at all. Kick-start your day with whole grain cereal or whole wheat toast.

Coffee - Coffee, our morning saviour and energy fixer. It's no surprise that a cup of the brown stuff can make you feel more alert in the morning but recent studies showed that people became better at proof-reading - spotting grammatical errors more quickly than those who hadn't drank coffee. Even better, add an ounce of chocolate when drinking coffee to improve visual and verbal memory skills.

Chewing Gum - OK, it's not a food but a study in 2011 discovered than participants who chewed gum during a stressful task were more alert than those without, as chewing helps relieve stress and releases nervous energy. It's also said that chewing gum can improve your memory as it increases the glucose levels which fuels your body and mind.

Salmon - Fish really is food for the brain. Salmon, tuna and mackerel all contain an important fat for brain health called DHA, which is found to improve the brain's ability to process information and remember things. Start the day with a salmon breakfast or prepare some salmon or tuna sandwiches for lunch. 

Anushka x