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So, I've run out of money...

So, I've run out of money...

It's January, a week before pay day and sadly, I have no money in my purse.

January has hit me hard, even harder than December (which consisted mainly of many a stressful / frustrating / panicky Christmas shopping trip, trying every shop in town before going back to the first one) and now I haven't a penny to my name.

This month I also moved house - which meant I had to pay for removal van, a new kettle, (I mysteriously lost the other one between my old house and new house; and all the other endless bits and bobs that you have to fork out for when you undergo the tiring process of moving.

Instead of getting in a tizzy, I've decided to come up with a plan.

1. Check the bottom of all my bags - sometimes I leave coins everywhere in my bags, where I may have been too lazy to put it back in my purse after paying for something.
2. See what I can sell - I may have several items that can be sold on e-bay, mainly wishful sporting equipment.
3. Make interesting packed lunches - combining all the food I have left for the month including both fridge and freezer will make an interesting meal. Think pickled gherkins with frozen peas and grated Christmas cheese.

The final part is to think about the future. February will be a cheap month for me, there, I've said it! It's time to look at a budget and use my money-saving knowledge for good, instead of ignoring it and hoping I will find a money pot at the end of some rainbow. Save Money articles, here I come!

If there's anything money-saving related you'd like me to find out more of and add to MagicFreebiesUK or if you have any tips you'd like to share, please let me know.

Thanks for reading my rant, I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Colleen x

P.S. If you don't want to use the comment section below, you can always reach me at colleen@magicfreebiesuk.co.uk. Hope to hear from you soon!