Review: Zoflora Twilight Garden Fragrance!

Review: Zoflora Twilight Garden Fragrance!

As a child I enjoyed cleaning so much that when adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always replied - a cleaner.

I never did fulfil my childhood ambition but I still enjoy a good clean and keep a well-stocked cleaning cupboard. So imagine my excitement when I heard about the Limited Edition Zoflora Twilight Garden a powerful disinfectant that leaves your home smelling daisy-fresh.

Zolfora products kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your home yet don't have that usual offensive chemical smell. Instead, they boast fantastic fragrances such as cherry blossom and sweatpea,

They're also pet-friendly which is good news for our furry friends.

This week I've been busy moving home so I asked Nick from the MF team whether he'd like to try it out. Nick is also big into cleaning and loves nothing more than a tidy up so he jumped at the chance to give this limited edition disinfectant a try.

Here's his verdict on Zoflora Twilight Garden, a mix of oriental lillies, ylang ylang and jasmin with fruity peach and apple...

"I used Zoflora to clean our kitchen floor and it had no problem cutting through the dirt! The smell was far more pleasant than the usual clinical whiff of disinfectant and the freshness stayed for much longer - which made a nice change! I noticed a long list of uses for Zoflora which makes it a lot more versatile than most specific cleaners out there, which of course is money saving in itself. Would recommend to anyone".

If you'd like to try out Zoflora then head over to the Zoflora Facebook page and enter their Garden of the Year competition. Because Zoflora has lots of lovely scents inspired by nature and fresh blooms they want to see a picture of your favourite garden - personal or public!

Just upload a photo of a garden you love and you could win some fabulous prizes including annual RHS membership, £100 Crocus Vouchers and free bottles of Twilight Garden.

The competition ends this Wednesday at 5pm so make sure you enter for some fabulous freebies now!

Anushka x