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Review: Spa Breaks Spa in a Box!

Review: Spa Breaks Spa in a Box!

We're reviewing the Spa Breaks Spa in a Box experience. Read part one here - a review of the Rituals Luxury Gift Set.

I love a good spa treatment. There's nothing nicer than booking a spa day, sitting back (then inevitably falling asleep) and letting a professional massage and manicure you to your heart’s content. It is splurge though, so for me a rare treat.

The rest of the time I go solo. From recreating a mani-pedi to exfoliating and giving myself a DIY facial. I’m a firm believer in at-home pampering so when Spa Breaks – the UK’s biggest premier Spa Booking website – asked us to review their ‘Spa in Box’ gift experience I jumped at the chance. Spa in a Box is an all-in-one pampering gift that combines a Rituals Luxury Gift Set and spa day (watch this space for a review!).

I’ve always loved Rituals' philosophy that ‘happiness can be found in the smallest of things’.They believe by taking the time to enjoy simple things like a relaxing bath you’ll feel better from within. With this in mind they've created natural skincare and home ranges designed for pampering.

I was instantly impressed when the Rituals Luxury Gift Set landed on my desk. It came beautifully packaged in a Spa Rituals gift box and when I opened it, like a kid at Christmas, I found these four treats:

  • Wai Wang Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Body Scrub (30ml)
  • Mei Dao Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Body Cream (30ml)
  • Lao Tze Chinese Mint & Yi Yi Ren Cooling Foot Balm (30ml)
  • Sweet Sunrise Home Perfume & Fragrance Sticks

I was to have a pamper sesh at home but I couldn’t resist trying the Mei Dao Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Body Lotion. It smelt absolutely amazing, lovely and fresh yet the White Lotus gave it a tropical floral twist.  The combination of flowers and fresh cotton sheets reminded me of a Spa I once visited in Thailand.

Once home, I ran a bath and replaced my usual bath candles with the Rituals Home Fragrance. I like fragrance sticks as they give the same warming scent as a candle but without the constant worry of burning the house down. Infused with sweet orange and cedar, this had a heady scent to it with quite a masculine edge. I don’t usually go for strong scents but combined with a hot bath, I found it surprisingly relaxing. I’ve since kept the fragrance sticks in the bathroom as a stylish alternative to an air freshener.

I exfoliate once a week to keep my incredibly dry, flakey skin in check so I'm no stranger to a good body scrub. The Wai Wang Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Exfoliating Body Scrub had the same comforting scent as the lotion. I used it with a pouffe in circular motions to shift dead skin cells and immediately my skin felt smoother. Unlike other scrubs the scent lingered long after it was rinsed away, too.

I usually apply body cream straight after a hot bath, as I find they work better when the pores are slightly open, so I applied the Mei Dao Rich Nourishing Body Cream. It was a nice creamy consistency, not too thick that it took effort to rub in and not too thin that it felt greasy. My skin felt soft and supple. I noticed that all the body products contained Yi Yi Ren which are seeds that come from coix plants and commonly used in Chinese medicine for their nourishing properties.

The last product to try was the Lao Tze Chinese Mint & Yi Yi Ren Cooling Foot Balm and one I had high hopes for. As the weathers been hotting up, my feet have been feeling hot and sticky so this was refreshing on my tired old soles and my feet felt much softer. The strong toothpaste smell might not be to everyone’s liking though!

As a self-confessed beauty junkie I've tried loads of products so it takes a lot to impress but this gift box was just lovely. Every product was a treat to use and I genuinely felt better after my evening of pampering - I slept like a baby and woke up with really soft skin.

The Spa in a Box gift also comes with a voucher for a spa day which Colleen and I eagerly waiting to go on. If you’d like to try Spa Breaks' Spa in a Box or treat your loved one to this lovely gift then check out the various Spa in a Box options available. There's even one that comes with chocolate and wine!

Anushka x