Review - Colgate MaxWhite One Toothpaste

Review - Colgate MaxWhite One Toothpaste

I got my free sample of Colgate MaxWhite One Toothpaste and did their One Week Challenge. Here's my verdict...

Seasoned freebie hunters will know Colgate frequently run free sampling campaigns and recently they've been giving away free samples of MaxWhite toothpaste.

I made sure I got my free sample. Not because I have a small obsession with miniature toothpastes but because I've been looking for a decent whitening formula ever since my dentist dropped the bombshell I could go one shade whiter for an eye-watering £350. Obviously I declined. I'm not sure who in their right mind would spend this amount of money to go one shade lighter but anyhoo.

With Colgate promising the same result for just £3.99 it was pretty much a no brainer. When my free sample of MaxWhite One arrived though the post I embarked on the one week challenge.

After a terrifying session with the dental hygienist a few years ago (scraping, drilling, suctioning, gagging...argh!) I'm now pretty fanatical about cleaning my teeth and floss religiously. My teeth have always been fairly white but after one too many pesky teas and coffees they have discoloured slightly, over the years.

Colgate MaxWhite One has white accelerator micro-crystals which they claim contain similar ingredients to those used by dentist to remove such stains. It also promises to prevent tartar build-up - a big factor in oral hygiene.

I used the toothpaste for seven days and, as recommended by Colgate, brushed three times a day. The first noticeable difference was the 'clean feeling' all toothpaste manufacturers like to tout around. One three minute brush and my mouth felt positively arctic! It was incredibly fresh and my teeth felt squeeky-clean.

From the very first use I noticed an immediate difference. I'm not sure they were whiter but my teeth were noticeably brighter.

They looked like they had a pearly tint but I noticed as the day went on, and food and drinks were consumed, they faded back to their normal shade. This seemed to be the result every day. So, half way through the challenge I cut out tea and coffee and my teeth were just as bright at the end of the day as they were at the start.

I continued the week without coffee and after the seven days I could definitely tell a difference. They looked whiter, brighter and felt really clean - even first thing in the morning! They even passed the 'random compliment' test when a friend remarked 'your teeth look reaaaally white. Like glistening white'.

My verdict is it's great value for money and will definitely help you go that one shade lighter. Just bare in mind, to get the most out of the product and to help the whitening process, you must be willing to brush three times a day, floss regularly and avoid teeth-staining drinks. Like all health and beauty products you should also continue using it to maintain results.

£3.99 is a small amount to pay for a brighter smile! If you'd like to try it for yourself then become a Colgate Facebook fan and check out the Colgate Website to keep updated on their free sample campaigns. You can also get involved with their Keep Britain Smiling campaign. 

Anushka x