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Review: Clayspray - the world's first Clay in a Spray!

Review: Clayspray - the world's first Clay in a Spray!

I recently got to try out Clayspray. Read my review…

When I received a bottle of Clayspray in the post I had already heard whisperings of this new product launch so I was more than a little excited to try it out.

Clayspray is the first clay emulsion to come in a spray can which not only helps keep the clay fresh and pure but also completely fuss-free. Great news for me as clay masks have always done wonders for my complexion but I tend to avoid them as they can be a real mess,

The clay itself is sourced from deep within the Iberian Mountains of Spain, and is only mixed with cardamom and spring water to create what Clayspray promise to be the purest clay on earth.

Here comes the science bit…

To  also retain the natural moisture and skin nourishing properties of the clay, it’s been enriched with 'macromolecular hydrogels' to moisturise the skin and enhance the properties of the clay.

I got to try the Pore Refining White Clay Masque which suited me down to a T. The recent muggy weather has left my skin feeling sticky and congested, and with Clayspray promising to exfoliate, remove impurities and nourish deep down it was just what the skin doctor ordered!

When I got home that evening I was truly knackered and my skin looked awful – large pores, dark eyebags and a shiny t-zone (nice!). I removed my make-up, splashed my skin with cool water, as recommended, and dispensed the clay from the can. In my head I had visions of it spraying out like a hairspray but in reality it was more like a mousse or shaving gel effect with the clay coming out smooth and dense.

I gently massaged a 50 pence-sized amount onto my face and it immediately felt nice and cooling. Like most clay masks it felt tight across my skin as it dried and after 20 minutes I was definitely ready to take it off. After I removed it my skin felt really fresh and clean. I really didn't want to put anything on my skin but I applied a light moisturiser to stop it from drying out.

I was really impressed with Clayspray. It was easy to use, mess-free and my skin felt daisy-fresh. I've since found out White Clay contains minerals including potassium, calcium and silica which is great for moisturising and anti-aging so it seems to have most bases covered.

I've since tried it another three times and my skin not only looks smoother but my pores don't feel as congested by the end of the day. My make-up has also been blending in better which is always a good sign. Clayspray is a pricier product than most at £44.50 for a 125ml bottle but with 17 treatments per bottle it works out around £2.60 per go. My skin has been feeling as fresh as when I've had a facial so I'd say it was a pretty good alternative to a professional treatment.

The Clayspray range also includes both a Brightening and Toning White Clay Masque as well as Red Clays which comes in Glow, Mattifying and Deep Cleansing versions. There are also two hydrating H20 Sprays that can be used pre-clay as part of your skincare routine.

The Clayspray range is available to buy now at the Clayspray website and coming soon to Feel Unique.

Anushka x