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Review: 2true Colour Quick & Glitterati Nail Polishes

Review: 2true Colour Quick & Glitterati Nail Polishes

This week I've been rekindling my love of glitter and tried out 2true's Glitterati and Colour Quick Nail Polishes.

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Since going on holiday recently I’ve rekindled my love of all things pink, and after spending the last six months in a sea of black and navy, I’m now enjoying something of a girly renaissance.

l'm finding myself being drawn to all the glitter nail polishes and topcoats out at the moment, and as I was walking through Superdrug the other day, like a moth to a flame, I discovered 2true’s Glitterati Nail Polish. This new Limited Edition range comes in six shades including a deep turquoise and electric blue but naturally I was drawn to Shade 6 - an orangey pink.

At £1.99 it was a complete bargain but as it was three 2true products for £5 at Superdrug I thought it’d be silly not to get another 2 products.

I picked up two bottles of Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polishes in Pink and Warm Coral, and decided to go on a full on girly assault and use the bubblegum pink nail polish as a base and Glitterati as a topcoat.

The first thing I noticed about the Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish was the flat brush. These were once only found on high end nail polishes but a lot of budget beauty brands now boast them, too. I do enjoy using a flat brush and this one certainly helped to evenly distribute the nail polish.

It was, surprisingly, quite runny but this meant it dried quickly and I was able to apply two coats in quick succession. The light consistency didn't have any effect on the colour – it was nice and intense. I topped it off with the glitterati nail polish, and the mix of large glitter chunks and tiny sparkles looked really pretty. It also dried fairly quickly. I've used other glitter topcoats before and they've taken an age to dry, so I was impressed.

The nail polish lasted a few days and apart from a small chip here and there, it stood the test of time well. When it came to removing it, it did take a bit of scrubbing with the nail polish remover pads but it's inevitable with glitter.

Overall 2true's nail polishes were affordable, easy to apply, fast drying,  intense in colour and long-lasting – everything I would want in a nail polish.

I’m looking forward to trying the Glitterati nail polish on it’s own and also combining it with the warm coral shade. I have a feeling these polishes will be seeing me through the Summer!

If you'd also like to try them then 2true cosmetics are stocked at Superdrug where you can pick up 3 products for £5. They’ve also got a great competition running at the moment where you can enter to Win 1 of 50 sets of 2true PRO Salon Shine and 3D Candy Nail Art.

Anushka x