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Review -  Amida Spa Day 

Review -  Amida Spa Day 

I recently reviewed the first part of the Spabreaks Spa in a Box gift experience – a Rituals home spa set. Well, last week I got to enjoy part 2 and went for the long-awaited Amida spa day. Here’s my review!

When I found out the spa day was being housed within a gym, I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed as I imagined a tiny spa on the side of a sweaty gym floor. But, I couldn't of been more wrong. When I arrived at the David Lloyd gym in Farnham I was completely taken aback – it was brand new, spacious and very stylish.

The Amida Spa itself was absolutely amazing and definitely not just an extension of a gym! It was an unbelievably luxurious place with an impressive list of facilities. On arrival I was given a complimentary robe, towel, pair of flip-flops and water bottle, and left to explore everything the spa had to offer. The spa day included unlimited use of all the gym and spa facilities so I made sure I arrived a few hours before my treatment.

It was a scorching hot day so I headed straight to the pool and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was outdoors! With a large crystal clear pool, sun loungers, dining areas and waiters serving poolside drinks it looked like a scene straight out of a 5 star hotel. There were also lots of little extras to try out including outdoor spa pools, saunas and on the side of the pool there were individually operated spa jets with flat areas to lie down - meaning I could enjoy my very own private spa pool!

Inside was a smaller salt ‘dipping’ pool which I did indeed dip my toes into. There was a woman also there casually sipping on a glass of wine! Looking, inevitably, very relaxed. I then explored all the indoor wet areas including the oriental and crystal steam rooms. These were like no other steam room I've ever been in and certainly put my humble gym one to shame. The sheer amount of steam was crazy and the steam was so thick my skin felt amazing afterwards. I also ventured into the salt grotto which I've read exposure to may have a few health benefits so it seemed appropriate to take a good few inhale-exhales!

The whole of the wet area was simply amazing - dark slate and relaxing mood lighting. This contrasted nicely with the bright and beautiful tepidariums (relaxation rooms to me and you), saunas and super-stylish changing rooms.

I had my treatment - an express manicure - at the spa's nail bar and I was really impressed. In 25 minutes the therapist filed, buffed and polished my nails to perfection! There was also a wide range of Jessica nail polishes to choose from.

The last stop was the dedicated spa bar for a spot of lunch. I was asked to wear my robe, something I found completely alien at first but soon got used to! Lunch was a delicious grilled chicken salad and fresh lemonade. After this I ventured upstairs to check out the relaxation rooms - they were amazing and I could have fallen asleep there and then! 

The spa was very tranquil and I've never felt so relaxed before. It had a prestigious feel to it but at the same time all the staff members were really friendly and the place was lovely and peaceful. 

Everything was included on the day as part of the Spabreaks Spa in a Box gift set and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone! Whether you're in need of a day of pampering yourself or you're looking for the perfect gift for someone special, this is a really impressive package - plus, it also comes with a free Rituals Luxury Gift Set

It was a great experience but if I was doing it again then I would definitely arrive in the morning and spend the entire day there!

Anushka x