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Quick De-Cluttering Tips

Quick De-Cluttering Tips

Taking just a few minutes out of your day can help you stay on top of clutter. Here are five tips on how to de-clutter the easy way.

1. Turn Tea-time into Tidy-time - Whenever you flick the kettle on instead of waiting around willing it to boil faster, why not give the kitchen a quick tidy up. You can put away things, tidy the counters and give the surfaces a quick clean!

2. Adopt the 'One in, One out' Rule - For every new item you buy whether it be clothing or homeware donate or recycle an old item. This will ensure you don't hoard any unwanted items that are just taking up space.

3. Use 'Takeaway Time' wisely - When you're hungry it's a pretty torturous wait for a takeaway. Whilst you're waiting why not work up an appetite and make time fly by having a good tidy up? The takeaway will be your treat at the end!

4. Target Specific Zones - Don't attempt to de-clutter an entire room in a short space of time. Work through different zones - one shelf, then one flat surface, followed by a cupboard and so on. 

5. Box Up and Stay Calm - Attempting to de-clutter in a day will only stress you out. Take your time over a week or two and keep different boxes labelled with 'garage', 'recycle', 'donate' and so on in your house. Slowly work your way room to room de-cluttering and 'boxing'.

Anushka x