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37 amazing Primark pyjamas that you need to be wearing right now


Collette Magic Freebies UK Primark PJsHi, My name is Collette and I'm addicted to Primark. Seriously, if I could live in there and shop for bargains all day, I probably would. Where else can you find Chip Tea Cups (still a sore topic?) and other adorable Disney merch for under a tenner? I was in there today on the hunt for some PJS and my gosh, just look at what gems I found.

WARNING - prepare to drop everything and run to your nearest Primark to pick up these adorable PJ sets. 


1. Primark Disney Princess Pyjamas 

Primark Disney Princess

Perfect for when you want to chill out in your castle. 

2. Primark Disney Team Good PJs 

Primark Princesses

Because you deserve some acknowledgement for being so damn nice! 

3. Primark 99% Disney Princess Pyjamas

Primark Princess Disney PJs

I'm pretty sure you are too. 

4. Primark Beauty & the Beast Nightshirt

Primark Beauty & the beast PJs

So pretty and Belle is obviously everyone's fave at the minute, right? 

5. Primark Alice in Wonderland PJs

Primark Alice in Wonderland PJs

I want it all! 

6. Primark Disney Alice in Wonderland Nightshirt 

Primark Alice in Wonderland  

Great for when you want to avoid all your problems and just drift off to wonderland. That's a real place right?

7. Primark Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Nightshirt

Primark Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs PJs

I can definitely relate to this one. Anyone else?

8. Primark FRIENDS Pyjamas

Primark Friends PJs

Remember the one where they all wore PJs? Me neither, but these look amazing! 


Which ones will you go for? 

9. Primark Lion King Nightshirt

Primark Lion King Night Dress

I just can't wait to be King, or go to sleep! 

10. Primark Pokemon Pyjamas

Primark Pokemon PJs

Gotta catch 'em all! 

11. Primark Pokemon Pikachu Nightshirt 

primark pokemon pj set

If we're playing favourites, we all know you're thinking Pikachu. 

BONUS FIND - Primark Pokemon Duvet Set

Primark Pokemon Duvet

BONUS FIND - Primark Pokemon Cushion 

Primark Pokemon Cushion

12. Primark Little Mermaid Pyjamas

 Primark Little Mermaid PJs

 Mermaids in training? Right this way...

13. Primark Little Mermaid Nightshirt

Little Mermaid Primark night dresses

Team Mermaid all the way! 

Primark Little Mermaid Set 

If only mermaids were real.

14. Primark Winnie The Pooh Nightshirt

Primark Winnie The Pooh Nightshirt

 I can't get over how cute this is. Love you, Winnie! 

15. Primark Disney Villains Mugshot PJs

Primark Disney Villains PJs

GUILTY of loving these Primark PJs! I absolutely love that they've got a range of the villains as well. 

 16. Primark Disney Team Bad PJ Set

primark villain pjs

When you go to the dark side and can't be bothered being nice for the day.

17. Primark Disney Villain Ursula Nightshirt

Primark Villiain Pics

Basically the perfect hangover nightshirt. 

18. Primark Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse PJs

Primark Mickie & Minnie PJS

#MEGAFAN of this Minnie Mouse Hashtag Famouse PJ set! 


Primark PJs Micky & Minnie

So cute. Yes please to 5 more minutes in bed! 

Micky and Minnie PJs

 Mickey and Minnie look adorable together on this striped must-have PJ set.

19. Primark Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Nightshirts 

Primark Mickey & Minnie Night Dress

When you're finally ready to own a 'nightshirt' but still love Disney and can't let go of the classics. 

Mickey & Minnie Primark Night Dress

The perfect nightshirt every Mickey Mouse super fan out there. 

20. Primark Mickey Mouse Hooded Bed Throw Blanket

Mickey Mouse Bed Throw Blanket

 OMG I need one of these in my life. 

BONUS FIND - Mickey Mouse LED Bedroom Light

Primark Mickey Mouse Light

21. Primark Cookie Monster PJ Night Dress 

Primark Cookie Monster PJs

Get everyone's favourite Sesame Street character on a nightshirt for only £5, absolute bargain! 

22. Primark Disney Bambi Primark PJ Sets 

Primark Bambi PJs

Primark Bambi PJs

Primark Bambi PJs Thumper

Primark Bambi PJ set

Bambi Disney PJs Primark

Soo many Bambi PJs, could this be a hint for a Bambi remake? Get your tissues ready. 

23. Primark Bambi Hooded Throw 

Primark Bambi Hooded Throw

It's cute, it's fluffy AND it's hooded. Need I say more? 

BONUS FIND - Primark Bambi Cushion

Primark Bambi Cushions

BONUS FIND - Primark Bambi Duvet Set

Primark Bambi Duvet Set

24. Primark Harry Potter Nightshirts

Primark Harry Potter Night Dress

Can't let Harry Potter go? Me neither. Head to Primark to get your hands on these today! 

Harry Potter Primark Night Dress PJs

The Deathly Hallows Part 1 was definitely my favourite. 

25. Harry Potter Bed Throw Blanket

Harry Potter Hooded Throw

 Just what every Harry Potter fan needs, a Harry Potter blanket! OBVIOUSLY. 

26. Primark Fantastic Beasts PJ Hoodie

Primark Fantastic Beasts PJs

These sweaters look so comfy, I just want to lie in it all day long. 

27. Primark Fantastic Beasts PJ Set 

Primark Fantastic Beasts Night Dress

I'm still a big fan of the traditional PJ set and these are just what I was looking for!

 28. Primark Fantastic Beasts Nightdress

Fantastic Beasts Primark Night Dress & PJ Set

If you're more of a nightdress fan, check out these glam Fantastic Beasts nightdresses. 

29. Primark Pixar Monsters Inc. Nightshirt

Primark Monsters Inc PJs

If you're a bit of a monster in the morning, you definitely need this Monsters Inc. Sully nightshirt, only £5!

30. Primark Unicorn Nightshirt 

Primark Unicorn PJs

Unicorns are everywhere! Feed your addiction with this adorable unicorn nightshirt. 

31. Primark Unicorn PJ Set

Primark Unicorn PJS

If you're after something a little erm more revealing? Check out this unicorn PJ Set.

32. Primark My Little Pony Nightdress

Primark My Little Pony Night Dress

 This is so cute! Perfect for your Summer hols, just make sure your pals know you're a mega My Little Pony fan...

33. Primark Star Wars Nightshirt 

Primark Star Wars PJ Nightshirt

May the force be with you...only £5. 

34. Primark Miffy Pyjamas

Primark Biffy PJs

 Who remembers Miffy? Blast from the past! Such a cute little PJ set. 

 35. Primark Batman Pyjamas

 Primark Batman PJ Set

Nananananana BATMAN! 

36. Primark Superman Nightshirt

Primark Superman PJs

Now you can save Metropolis, or just take a nap. 

And finally...

37. Grumpy Cat Pyjamas 

Primark Grumpy Cats PJs

Just when you thought you'd seen the last of this cheeky cat, she's back! 

 Wow, that's a lot of pyjamas! Have you found anything that I missed? Get in touch with your favourite PJs. Right, I'm off for a lie-down...

Collette xx