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Postie brought us a free Colgate Electric Toothbrush!

Postie brought us a free Colgate Electric Toothbrush!

Today one of the best freebies ever arrived! I got my free Colgate Pro Clinical c200 Electric Toothbrush.

A few weeks ago I entered Colgate's Big Toothbrush Swap on Absolute Radio's website and was lucky enough to be accepted. I happily sent off my old electric toothbrush the next day and this morning a brand new brush landed on my desk!

It's a pretty impressive freebie. I just checked on Boots and it's worth an impressive £64.99! This giveaway was perfect timing for me as I'd had my existing electric toothbrush for a good few years and it was constantly losing battery power. It had also developed a rather grim layer of mould on the base.

You can still enter for a free Colgate ProClinical A1500 in Colgate's Brush Swap. Some of you may be aware that Colgate's London Waterloo and Victoria Station electric toothbrush swap didn't go quite to plan so they decided to move the promotion online.

So make sure you enter for 1 of 7,000 free electric toothbrushes before midnight 20th July. They'll then email all the lucky winners! It's definitely worth entering in for as it takes just seconds to fill in your details.

Good luck and happy brushing!

Anushka x